A Freak Airport Injury Forces Louis Oosthuizen To WD From Event

Louis Oosthuizen was traveling back from a T7 finish at the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open and looking forward to a high finish at the upcoming Joberg Open to end the year with a top-20 World Ranking.

However, a freak accident while dealing with airport baggage carts derailed his plan. GolfDigest.com’s Alex Myers provides the details.

“The body feels great but I had a different incident this week with jamming my fingers in trolleys at the airport,” Oosthuizen said at his Wednesday press conference.

“I’m probably going to go do an X-ray today,” Oosthuizen added. “I hope I didn’t crack the middle finger there somehow but it’s swollen quite a bit and it’s right on that pressure point where you hold your grip.

“This morning is even worse than it was yesterday, so I tried to grip a golf club but there’s no way I can go to my grip position.”

“I’ll have someone check it out back home and hopefully it’s nothing much.”

It makes you wonder why any pro athlete gambles with his livelihood doing mundane activities or chores.