Greg Norman Used What For 12 Straight Years?!?!

Like most men on the backside of 50, Greg Norman has hot sports opinions on a variety of subjects.’s David Dusek catches up with The Shark and posts a good Q&A regarding the today’s equipment changes compared to when he played the best golf on the planet.

One surprising note is that one of golf’s all-time great drivers of the ball admitted he used one persimmon driver for 12-straight years.

Dusek: The shift to a solid core ball, compared to the wound balls you played in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, brought some of that about, right? Today’s balls spin less off the tee.
Norman: But they still can’t drive the ball onto the fairway! The top players can’t.

Dusek: As a group, elite players hit about 55 percent of the fairways.
Norman: Which is ridiculous.

Dusek: You were one of the best drivers of your generation. Did you follow the driving statistics you had available?
Norman: You knew by feel. If I used driver on 10 holes during a round and missed two to the left, then I knew there was something going on.

Dusek: Before we got to big titanium and carbon-fiber drivers with graphite shafts, the difference from one persimmon driver to another wasn’t that big, right?
Norman: Marginal. I used one driver for 12 years.

Dusek: Twelve years! You never cracked the face?
Norman: Oh, of course, but I would epoxy it back up. I balanced it out, took the epoxy out and rebuilt it. The shaft was a True Temper Dynamic Gold X400, and the spine angle was a 4:30 (on a clock face, looking down the shaft). I could tell you exactly where the spine angle was. I would grind off the tip of the shaft and I put it in just far enough so it would stay.