John Daly’s Claret Jug Can Be Yours

John Daly is auctioning off his 1995 Open Championship replica Claret Jug. Champion Golfers of the Year are allowed to enjoy the Claret Jug for a whole year but have the option to purchase replicas (and then sell them).’s Bill Speros has the inside skinny.

“The victory at St. Andrews would effectively mark the end of Daly’s prime, as his alcoholism would become so problematic that he’d drop out of the 1997 US Open with the shakes,” Heritage adds.

I’m not a big memorabilia fan–especially to buy a special award I didn’t earn.

Bidding ends at 11 p.m. Eastern on Feb. 24. The site hopes to fetch $100,000 on Heritage Auctions.

The current price as of today 9:46 CST is $30,000.