Meet Golf’s Newest Twitter Phenom Trackman Maestro

YouTube Waite Mayo

Twitter has enhanced the visibility of many smart folks who know how to (or lucked into it) uniquely market themselves. The latest is a one-time college volleyball player who fell into the world of teaching golf swings and ultimately created a nice following with his helpful hints and terrific handle; @Trackman Maestro.

Let Joe Mayo tell you how he arrived at the name.

”I thought, What’s the douchiest name I can come up with?” Mayo says. “I figured I’d have 26 followers and no one would notice. Now I’ve got almost 25,000. But it was meant to be a gag. Who calls themselves a maestro?”’s Alan Shipnuck profiles a guy you should follow.

In fact, Mayo has helped reinvent modern golf swing theory with his mastery of TrackMan data. He serves as the director of instruction at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas and has helped numerous Tour pros, but Mayo’s influence has spread exponentially thanks to the Internet. He has become a case study on how to build a business through social media—and a cautionary tale of the Twitter blowback that can come with it. “It’s been a wild ride,” he says, “and then some.”