Tiger Woods’ Sort Of Explanation About His Supersonic Swing Speed

Much has been discussed about Tiger Woods’ swing speed displayed at the Valspar Championship.

Tiger’s 129.2 mph was the highest recorded this year and has to be the fastest ever for post-fused back surgery.

Funny that it sure didn’t look that quick compared to some of Tiger’s other supreme lashes. That’s what happens when your swing is totally on balance.

So, how did Woods explain his newfound supersonic speed? GolfChannel’s Rex Hoggard has the deets.

After four back surgeries, including fusion surgery to his lower back in April, Woods has talked extensively about learning his body and new swing. But when asked on Tuesday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational how he was able to produce such speed he had no answer.

“Dude, if I knew I’d tell you,” he smiled.

You know, I finally have gotten to the point where my back is good enough where I can let my hands tell me what to do. My hands tell me how to shape a golf shot. And I’ve built this golf swing that you see me out there swinging the golf club around, with my hands. My dad always used to say that that’s the only thing we have direct contact with the club, so trust your hands.

Playing baseball as a kid, you have to trust your hands, you trust your eyes, you trust your hands. So that’s what I’ve done, I’ve trusted my hands again. My right arm and neck aren’t shaking because my back’s out, my nerve’s out, and it’s inflamed, I don’t have those issues anymore. So I can trust my hands again. So, yeah, you see me creating shots and doing different things and, yeah, I’m trying to see what trajectory, what shape I want to do it and I’m letting these guys tell me what to do.