Lee McCoy Goes Scorched Earth Over Colombian Web.com Event

Web.com player Lee McCoy left nothing in the bag when voicing his displeasure on Twitter about his recent experience in a Web.com event in Columbia.

Let’s start with this post–since deleted–as was McCoy’s entire Twitter account.

“Its hard to hit a full 3-iron in Columbia when you have a case of the runs.”

The adventure continued as Ben Alberstadt on Golfwrx.com lays out the unfortunate chain of McCoy’s bad judgementNolayingup.com’s Tron Carter pieces the deleted diatribes (but screen shot for all eternity).

In essence, McCoy was complaining about young fans berating him for free stuff–because “all” Tour players get free swag so why not spread the good cheer. McCoy took offense to it and the rest is regrettable history. By the way, he finished in 20th place.

McCoy’s peers didn’t exactly run to offer support.

Hopefully, young McCoy intelligently uses this as a painful but valuable learning lesson. We all make mistakes. However, repeating the same offense is mighty tough to justify.