Hank Haney Uses Twitter To Question Legality Of Langer’s Putting Stroke

There are more than a few Tour players and golf fans who believe Bernhard Langer is playing loose and fast with the no anchoring rule. It does appear at times that the top hand on his putter is awfully close to being braced against his chest.

It’s apparently miffing swing coach Hank Haney who posted a video of Langer’s putting stroke on Twitter.

However, the problem is several have reported the Tweet displayed a practice stroke and Langer moved his hand off the chest for the stroke that counted (unfortunately, there’s no video I could find to support the claim).

Langer told Golfworld’s Tim Rosaforte: “I am aware of my left arm and hand, and my hand is definitely not touching my body. I anchor when I address and then move my hand away from the chest, till it is not touching anymore.”

Some say the rule still allowing long putters is the main culprit. Shorten the wand’s length and you should remove any doubt. So maybe we blame the USGA and R&A for giving Langer the leeway to test (and test again) the rule’s boundaries.

Or do as GolfChannel’s Brandel Chamblee suggests…

The main issue is Langer continues to win which of course raises question marks if he’s enjoying an unfair advantage.

To Haney’s point, he’s not the only one who’s a little dubious of Langer’s setup and putting stroke.

“Everybody should give him some slack, but the problem is, he’s the poster boy for us,” Olin Browne told Rosaforte last year. “There’s never been any kind of impropriety as it relates to him and his game. Unfortunately, we’re in a situation where there’s enough gray area in the interpretation that it lacks clarity. The intent thing clouds the picture to me.”