Matt Wallace Expertly Pranked By Pro Eddie Pepperell

Pro golfer Matt Wallace is the latest victim of a European Tour bit. The humorous folks across the pond are doing their best to showcase their stars with some good ‘ol fashioned self-deprecating wit–something the PGA Tour should immediately embrace.

Wallace was pranked by the poster boy for Euro bits Eddie Pepperell by enduring a wheels-off media day as the defending BMW Champ complete with annoying drivers and handlers. I watched closely to see when the good-natured Wallace began smoldering. It reminds me of the timeless Spinal Tap and is worth the entire nine-minute view.

I’d be very wary if I was Pepperell. Nothing provides more revenge incentive than being the butt of a joke. And with a good war chest and contacts, Wallace is sure to deliver. I know the Euro Tour is already rubbing their hands with anticipating glee.