Rory McIlroy Admits He Was Annoyed At Phil And Rickie At ’14 PGA Championship


I don’t remember him saying this at the winning press conference, but Rory McIlroy admits to David Feherty that he was miffed by Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler exchanging high-fives at the 2014 PGA Championship as they played a group ahead. The motivated McIlroy went on to win the major by one shot over Phil and two over Rickie.

“I was on a mission. I was chasing down Phil and Rickie, who were playing in front of us,” McIlroy told the host. “They both got on a run. And I saw on the front nine they started to fist bump each other and high five each other. And that sort of annoyed me… You’re both trying to win a major championship…I know I would never do it in a major. If someone started to play well, I’m trying to beat you. I’m not going to start fist bumping and high fiving you. I want to beat you.”

“I had this thing in my head, I’m going to catch you and I’m going to beat you. And thankfully, I was able to do it, just about.”