Texas Golfer Reclaims Record For Hitting Longest Club


If there’s a record out there, someone no doubt is trying to beat it–no matter how outrageous the attempt. Case in point is trying to hit a ball with the longest club ever as reported by The Star Telegram.

New Yorker Ashrita Furman has set more than 500 Guinness World Records, from walking the fastest mile with a milk bottle balanced on his head to playing the most games of hopscotch in an hour.

Arlington golf professional Michael Furrh was glad to take one of those records away Monday, though it might not be for the last time.

Furrh connected with a 28-foot, 1-inch driver at Waterchase Golf Club in Fort Worth on Monday morning. He knocked his best shot 59 yards down the 18th fairway and set the world record for the fifth time.

Each time before, Furman has broken Furrh’s record with a new mark. The most recent effort was in April, when Furman used a club about 25 feet long.

“If I swing it too fast, I totally miss the ball,” Furrh said, “and if I don’t swing it fast enough, the golf club is not bent enough to actually make contact with the ball.”

At nearly 5 pounds — with that weight distributed across 28 feet — the unwieldy club makes the motion taxing, Furrh said.

He pulled muscles in both of his arms and his back Monday. Before his record-setting attempt, he had only swung the club about 20 times in practice.

“It’s like swinging 35 pounds at the end of a 20-foot rope,” he said.