The Matt Every Epic Club Toss With Perfect Form

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Tour player Matt Every used to be a pitcher back in the day. One can tell based on his form tossing his club after a poor bunker shot at the AT&T Byron Nelson. GolfWeek’s Dan Kilbridge has the deets.

“Growing up, playing baseball … not tooting my horn, but I was always above average in every sport I played,” Every said. instructor Luke Kerr-Dineen’s tweet evaluates Every’s tossing form to a proper golf swing, yet it still looks uncanny to most MLB pitchers in mid-delivery.

Guess Every got his angst out since he shot a 65 on Friday eventually leading to a T2 behind winner Sung Kang.

That sounds like Every is now in a good place since having issues with “blackouts” back 2016.

Every told reporters he began having what he described as “blackouts” over the ball during the 2015 Hyundai Tournament of Champions. “You freeze over it [a shot] and you tense up and nothing, you can’t … it’s hard to release the club when you’re doing that,” Every said.

“After I won here last year, I went through this, I guess, a funk — kind of like blacking out over the ball. I hit these foul balls with my driver, and you just can’t compete out here when you’re reloading on the tee and then that stuff builds up. Like, you hit one and then it’s in your head and it’s hard to forget them.”