The Web.Com Tour Announces Latest 25 Grads To PGA Tour Status

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Graduation typically brings joy to those ready to tackle the real world. On Sunday, the PGA Tour’s AAA (some say AAAA) farm system graduated it’s top-25 onto the big show.

The difference between 25th and 26th place was a mere $1,000.

There are many cool stories surrounding the big move, including this one.

Ryan Brehm, a former college golf coach at Michigan State, the 30-year-old picked up his first Tour win to move from 30th to fourth on the money list.

“It’s been a wave of emotions all day,” Brehm told reporters in Portland after. “Everything from thinking 20 years in the future to trying to zone in to exactly what you’re doing on the course. I’m just thrilled. I’m thrilled to be in this position. What a week! Wow!”

Mark Anderson and Rick Lamb joined Brehm as players using the finale to jump into the top 25. For those who didn’t, the dream of playing on the PGA Tour next season now comes down to the Tour Finals.

Most of the grads will still play in the finals to improve their standing in 2016-17. PGA Tour players finishing 126th-150th will do the same. It isn’t remotely close to the deliciously grueling old 6-day Q-School, but you can count on many of the players still feeling the immense pressure.