Webb Simpson Reveals How Changing Driver Settings Is ‘Magical’

Webb Simpson is the 8th ranked golfer in the world. His swing is say interesting but his scoring is enviable. And while Webb is only the 134th in driving distance, he’s 6th in driving accuracy and first in scoring average at 67.598.

Yesterday, he revealed how changing driving settings can lead to magical results as Golf.com’s Andrew Tursky reports.

“[My hosel setting] changes throughout the year. Throughout the year, your body changes and your swing might change, obviously courses and conditions change.”

“I’ll give you an example,” Simpson said. “I played with [the driver face] pretty shut… for the Presidents Cup and in Hawaii. And one day, before I went to Phoenix, I was hitting balls and the sun was shining on the driver face and I could really see it clearly, and I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s too shut for me.’ So no shot shapes dictated [the change], just the look of it. So I made it a bit more square and drove it great.”

“It’s fun to be able to [change the hosel setting] because, I mean, we might show up in a month and the ball is just slicing a yard or two, and I want to it draw a yard or two,” Simpson said. “All I have to do is make one or two clicks, and it’s like magic, [the ball] starts drawing a little bit.”

So, how often do you change your settings?