Cart Girl of the Month: October 2015

Keaton Dixon
Iron Horse Golf Course

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

How long have you been a cart girl? 2 ½ years

In 10 years you would like to be: Coordinating events, married and mother to a little boy

The most interesting fact about you: I was named after Michael Keaton.

Favorite foods: Anything with chicken or chocolate

If you had more time, you would: I would like to spend my time with my family, and I would love to travel and see all the major sports stadiums.

The next risk you want to take is: Moving forward with my career as an event planner in the golf industry

Favorite music: Old school rap

Turn-ons: Someone that can cook, be goofy and enjoy sports

Turn-offs: Guys that aren’t clean, someone who is way too full of himself, and someone who can’t take a joke

Fantasy person to date: Jason Witten

What man’s age is too old to date? Eight years older than myself

The best way to impress you is: Be chivalrous and notice the small things

Interests: Shopping and watching the Dallas Cowboys (Dez still caught it)

Biggest tip: On my 21st birthday, one of my regulars got me a limousine for a whole night!

College: TCC

Worst pick-up line: “How much does it cost to buy you off that cart?”