Golf Travel Destinations

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If you’ve never been on a golf trip with your buddies
, you are missing out on one of the best experiences any avid golfer can have. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-day trip or a week-long trip, or if you fly 1,000 miles or only drive 100 miles, the golf trip should be a cornerstone of every golfer’s bucket list (along with going to The Masters, snapping a club over your knee and breaking 80). Across the United States, there are literally hundreds of outstanding golf locations that serve as the backdrop of the perfect golf vacation. No matter what your budget, skill level, amenity preference or locational bias, you can find a golf course or golf resort that checks of every box on your must-have list.

We here at AVIDGOLFER Magazine have gone on our fair share of golf trips and seen some of the grandest (and most famous) resorts and courses this country has to offer, and we’d like to offer you some advice on where to plan your next (or first) golf trip extravaganza. Now, sure, you can opt for the most popular spots – places like Pebble Beach or Bandon Dunes or We-Ko-Pa or Pinehurst – and we love those places and don’t have a negative thing to say about any of them. But we’ve done our homework and rustled up some locations all the across the U.S. – locally, regionally and nationally – that we think you ought to take a look at as well. They may not be the “famed” locations, but for the true golfers, we think these golf destinations will have everything you could want and more. The golf courses are top notch, the accommodations are A1, and the experiences will last a lifetime. Plus, if you take our recommendations, you might avoid the 6-hour rounds that take place at the most “famous” golf resort destinations.