Instruction – It’s All in the Feet

Instruction – It’s All in the Feet

A body part that is often forgotten in the swing is the feet. The feet play numerous different roles throughout the swing. From balance and stability to weight shift and power, the feet are a vital part of the swing. The focus for this article is teaching you to understand how to position your feet to help your body turn back and through the shot.

First, the weight needs to be positioned toward the front of your feet at address. Feeling your toes grab the ground is a good way to describe the sensation. This positioning allows you to be more balanced and athletic throughout the swing. When the weight falls to the heels you become unstable and are prone to falling forward toward the toes at some point in the swing, moving you closer to the ball and a heel shot or shank is likely.

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Once the weight is positioned correctly, golfers that struggle to get turned back enough in their backswing can make a small adjustment with the back foot to help them along. By rotating the back foot out a quarter turn, you allow the weight to shift more easily into the back leg. This enhanced weight shift allows you to load up behind the ball so that you can deliver a more solid, direct blow to the ball at impact.

Conversely, when getting through the shot in the follow through is a problem, let your front foot turn out a quarter at address. This adjustment will allow the hips and legs to turn through the shot easier and as a result move the weight more forward to the front foot at the finish. Often times you’ll see tour players make this adjustment when hitting less than full shots into the green with short irons. By turning the lead foot out, it allows them to turn through the shot easier, as there’s not as much weight being shifted back and through on these smaller swings.

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These adjustments may seem simple, but they are effective and easy to accomplish. Feeling solid with your feet and the ability to move back and through the shot effectively can only improve your consistency and distance- a great combination to have in order to improve at golf.

Tim Cusick is the Director of Instruction at the Four Seasons Resort and Club/Dallas at Las Colinas. The Northern Texas PGA named Cusick Teacher of the Year in 2005, 2009 and 2015, as well as the 2014 Horton Smith Award winner for education. He’s the author of ‘The Four Keys to Improve your Swing.’  Follow him on Twitter @timcusickgolf and visit his website: