Sandwiches Set Apart

Sandwiches Set Apart

East Hampton Sandwich Co. continues its expansion throughout the DFW area, all while keeping customers happy with unique and fresh ingredients.

Since 2012, an inimitable twist on sandwiches has been introduced to five different DFW locations and counting. The most recent opening in Southlake, like the other locations, can attest to the endearing attributes the vicinity has to offer – a family-friendly feel with an adherent sense of pride throughout the community and neighborhood. So, when you open the doors of East Hampton Sandwich Co., you are greeted with not only smells of freshly made ingredients but also a warm, homey sensation… one you might feel if walking into your aunt and uncle’s kitchen in the Hamptons.

East Hampton Sandwich Co. began due to the ostensible realization of a void in the sandwich marketplace. Founder and owner, Hunter Pond, began his debut into the restaurant business with all the right intentions – introducing sandwiches to customers in a way never done before.

“I realized there needed to be a brand out there that served high quality sandwiches that you’d find in upscale American grills, but found in a fast, casual environment,” Pond said. So he mixed great sandwiches with the right environments and was quick to find out people loved the idea.

The name East Hampton stems from the heavy influence of the farm fresh, roadside produce stands and interesting flavors of the northeast U.S. The divinity of those flavors that emerge from a seemingly simple concept have other sandwich companies wondering why they never tried what East Hampton Sandwich Co. has claimed as its own.

What sets East Hampton apart from other sandwich franchises is its ability of doing the complete opposite of every other sandwich company. Most other brands utilize their kitchen space to bake their bread, which is their key differentiator; at East Hampton the kitchen space is used to make all their meats and sauces and to assemble the interesting combinations. Their bread is then outsourced locally.

Ultimately, each customer is getting a handcrafted product from a local bakery, and they’re also getting handcrafted ingredients between the bread.

“That’s what truly makes East Hampton unique… is our adherence to making the meats in house and making the sauces in house, and really, you know, creating unique and interesting flavor profiles for our customers that they can’t find anywhere else,” Pond said.

Unique and interesting flavors is right – with just one glimpse at the menu, you’re sure to see the variety and different elements within each category of meats, the vegetarian options and salads (because anything that can go between bread can also be thrown into a salad!).

First, each season, there are new menu options. As of right now, I highly recommend the Lobster Grilled Cheese (pulled knuckles and claws, freshly shaved Havarti, vine-ripened tomato and topped with the sriracha dijonaise sauce, which is A-MAZ-ING). Most people who know me would be shocked to see this recommendation from me; but because I went out on a limb and tried lobster for the first time, I either got very lucky with East Hampton’s delicious ingredients, or I’ve been missing out all these years. I’m going with the first idea.

Interested in trying the best seller? The Turkey, Bacon + Avocado is one sandwich you can’t go wrong with, containing the aforementioned ingredients along with seasonal tomato and topped with garlic sage aioli. Each ingredient that’s strategically placed on this best seller has been produced right there in the kitchen and is a reassuring reminder of East Hampton’s brilliance and fresh quality. The same applies for the next best seller – the Fried Chicken + Jack (southern fried chicken, pepper jack, greens, tomato, cured bacon, avocado mash, and topped with jalapeño cream sauce).

Pond’s personal favorite (as well as mine, now) is the Balsamic Tenderloin (chilled beef tenderloin, crispy onion strings, bleu cheese, balsamic glaze and topped with rosemary au jus). The interesting flavors collectively combined together result in one delicious sandwich that will leave you happy and full. Plus, you’ll be especially full and happy if you pair the sandwich with one of the many sides that are offered. The substitution of the complimentary housemade potato chips (which are great) for the Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip is an exchange worth making.


Each sandwich and salad has its own personal twist which sets it apart from its typical counterpart. The classic Lobster Roll, containing chilled knuckle and claw meat, light aioli, lemon, herbs and served on a butter toasted roll, is elevated to the point that it looks as if it just came out of a Taste of Home magazine.

And for the sweet toothed customers, the Toasted Fluffernutter is a must (creamy peanut butter with marshmallow cremé)! The Whoopie Pie or Hampton’s Donut Bag also satisfy any sugar craving.

Also, unlike other restaurants in similar markets, you can order your favorite local draft beer, a unique craft sangria, or take a gander at the exquisite wine list.

So, when the sandwich that you packed to take out on the course just didn’t cut it, be sure to stop by DFW’s premium sandwich shop. Whatever you wind up choosing here, you’re sure to experience the locality and quality you’re hoping for all while getting the Hamptons feeling from the comfort of your neighborhood.