Sixty Vines – Napa Valley Meets Texas

Sixty Vines – Napa Valley Meets Texas

A new, interesting twist to wining and dining has been introduced to Dallas Parkway that will amazes the California wine connoisseur or even just the average restaurant-goer – Sixty Vines. When I first stepped foot inside, this ordinary, small-town girl was in awe. I didn’t know where to settle my eyes first – from the sophisticated corridor, to the open dining room with natural light shining down from the skylights, the sixty taps on the back wall with the abstract art piece overhead, or the handmade, copper wood burning pizza oven that serves as a true heirloom of the room… this place is beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Sixty Vines is a perfect foil to its next-door neighbor, Whiskey Cake (the two are owned by the same company). Instead of focusing on hard liquor and cocktails, it’s more wine and beer; instead of a masculine environment, the interior and decorative space is more feminine and millennial; and the food is a bit more vegetable inspired and simplistic (a good simplistic that doesn’t overpower what you’re drinking, but still leaves you happy and satisfied).

General manager Justin Beam has six words to accurately sum up this unique, new spot: wine on tap, and wine country cuisine. Wine on tap? Yep. This new, innovative way of drinking wine is completely sustainable, green and something that will more than likely catch on like wildfire in the years to come.

“Just like many have embraced the local craft beer movement,” Beam said, “I think when my children are old enough to drink, you won’t be able to go into a bar [or restaurant] that doesn’t have wine on tap.”


Having wine on tap allows for limitless portion sizes and constantly fresh wine. The stainless steel kegs can be used an infinite number of times. Plus, they’re much easier and lighter to ship, and you avoid the trash from dozens of wine bottles, corks, tops, etc.

At just a glance, you won’t believe how intricately designed this 54-foot long bar is – each tap has its own climate control so that wine and/or beer stay at the perfect temperature. For an even clearer picture, a trip to the walk-ins in the back will confirm this elaborate organization. This part of the restaurant, although a small unit and mostly unseen to the public, is a true state-of-the-art technology.

Not a wine drinker? No problem, as Sixty Vines has 18 beers on tap, including local favorites. The food focuses on “wine country” cuisine, with a flair of Italian dishes – pastas, pizzas baked in the wood burning oven, a delectable meat and cheese board, plus main entrée-like dishes ranging from a hefty, juicy C.A.B. burger to the steelhead trout. All individually designed to perfectly pair with all wines offered.

The vast majority of pastas are handmade each morning. For a visual, a drying rack with fresh noodles dangling from above is hanging near the kitchen for all to see. Along with the visual drying rack for the pasta, a hand-crank meat slicer occupies the open kitchen area as well. Hand-crank, as opposed to a motorized unit, allows meats that are high in fat content achieve the perfect slice. After tasting the sliced meat that’s served on the meat and cheese board, you’ll understand how important the fat on the meat is with the way it melts in your mouth.

When ordering a main dish, I knew I’d be in for a treat – mostly because the aromas permeating throughout were mouthwatering. So, after ordering the chicken (an oregano-chive rubbed half bird, garlic & chili broccoli rabe, hen jus with grilled lemon) with a side of asparagus (gremolata, pecorino and lemon as well) I was confident in my choice and how well it’d all pair together with a Gloria Ferrer sparkling white wine (which was suggested by the electronic menu that pairs each food option with an available wine).


Once that half bird hit the table, I joked with kitchen manager Ryan Harland about its massive size. We laughed (me mostly because I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it), but to my surprise, it was easier than I imagined. The meat was so tender and perfectly seasoned, paired with the lemon-flavored asparagus and sparkling wine with flavors of apples, lemongrass and vanilla; a more ideal meal couldn’t have been sitting before me.

And to think, there’s so much more! You could visit Sixty Vines once a week for the rest of this year and still not have explored each option when attempting the discovery of yet another perfect pairing.

“Each time you come in [to Sixty Vines], you have the opportunity to try something new” Harland said.

A new, delicious meal each time you visit isn’t all you’ll get … for each time you come in, there is a different setting you could feel out. The seating options are definitely not limited; and if you want to truly experience the California feel of this place, a trip outside to the garden greenhouse is a must.

At Sixty Vines, you’re able to do more than just envision the perfect getaway while enjoying great food, wine, beer and an utterly unique atmosphere – you’re able to truly experience it. Each aspect of the restaurant is equally manufactured to fit the needs of the customers in attendance. So next time you plan a visit, when opening your menu to find the following words, know your ultimate dining desires will be met: “Because you want to unwind. Because wine should be fun, not complicated. Because you don’t need a reason at all. Great food and great wine go hand-in-hand, and at Sixty Vines, we believe all of it tastes better together.”