GHIN Handicap Pg

Do you need a USGA certified handicap? Well, AVIDGOLFER has partnered with the Texas Golf Association to provide our readers handicap services at a discounted rate. Depending on your affiliation, you can pay almost $50 to renew your annual GHIN membership, but sign up with AVIDGOLFER and pay just $39.95! 


Why get a USGA recognized handicap? 


1. High scores are thrown out!

Do you ever have a day on the course where you forget how to swing a golf club? What’s great is that the USGA handicap formula only counts your 10 best scores from your last 20 rounds. For some, the idea of a handicap may not seem right because of inconsistent scoring. Luckily, there is no need to worry with only those 10 best scores of the last 20 scores being used to calculate your handicap.

2. You will be able to answer the one question every golfer gets!

Every time you meet someone new on the golf course, there is one question that almost always gets asked: What is your handicap? Having a handicap is the easiest and most honest way to compare your golf game to other players. Whether just for judgement or for competitive purposes, it’s a good tool to have.

3. Handicaps make the game fair for all skill levels!

Have you ever played someone in golf that you could never beat because he is a much better golfer? The best way to make those matches fair, is to handicap those matches. It allows the good golfer and bad golfer to play on an equal playing level.

Or, if you’re a halfway decent golfer and you play someone who guesses their handicap and asks for 5 strokes a side and then shoots 75 – then a handicap is right for you and your opponent.

4. Some tournaments require a handicap.

It is required to have a USGA handicap to be able to participate in certain tournaments, events, leagues and other golf competitions. This way, every player / team has a fair chance to compete with the other participants. If you play in a large Calcutta or are invited to a member/guest tournament, you will likely be required to provide your GHIN.

5. It’s easy to track and keep your scores and progress!

Tracking your handicap is simple. Just open the app when you’re done with the round, choose the date, the course, and the set of tees. Then, just enter your front and back nine scores. It’s that easy! Or, if you want more feedback, you can enter a score hole-by-hole, or even hole-by-hole with stats, so you can keep track of fairways hit, greens in regulation, and number of putts per round. It’s a fantastic way to know which parts of your game need improvement.


Open the camera on any smartphone and go directly to sign up using the QR box below!