The TeeBox


LIVE, THIS SATURDAY at Union Bear- First 200 ONLY!

December 12th 8 am-11 am

See the show and purchase in person at Union Bear Restaurant in Plano, TX.

Score the 2021 Passbook Package with TWO FREE GIFTS: Bonus, Discount Round (50% off!) to Texas Rangers Golf Club in Arlington + $50 Union Bear Gift Card!

Added free gift value of  over $100!

TX Rangers Round Restrictions: $49.95 Valid Monday-Thursday anytime or $59.95 Friday-Sunday after 12 pm.

DO NOT MISS THIS 1x Holiday Special! Be there early to secure your special package, limited to 200 (max of 4 per person)!

Directions Here.

Be sure to listen to The TeeBox Golf Radio Show, with Rick and Craig, LIVE this Saturday from 8-10 a.m. on Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket (96.7 FM) at Crest Cars in Frisco.




  • 05.02.20 Classic BMW in Plano
  • 05.09.20 Crest Cars in Frisco
  • 05.16.20 Waterview Golf Course
  • 05.30.20 Crest Cars in Frisco
  • 06.06.20 Classic BMW in Plano

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The TeeBox Golf Show is consistently the highest-rated sports-specific radio show in Dallas/Fort Worth and hosted by Rick Arnett and Craig Rosengarden  of AVIDGOLFER Magazine and

The TeeBox brings a “common man’s” perspective to the popular pastime. Sure, it covers the important leaderboards, latest equipment news, swing tips, course reviews, and interviews the game’s top names. But it also delivers unique opinions on what the game sorely needs to be more player and fan friendly. Even non-golf fans tune in!

The TeeBox is the longest running golf-themed show in Dallas/Fort Worth as it enjoys its 24th year on air. It attracts excellent ratings with private club members & public course golfers (a very prosperous demographic) from 8-10am Saturday mornings on Sportsradio 1310 and 96.7 The Ticket—a perennial #1 ranked station Men 25-54. The TeeBox

regularly broadcasts remotes from client locations which add excellent visibility and top-of-mind awareness for those customers. 

Rick Arnett is an original Ticket Day – Oner (January 1994) and has been playing golf since he was a wee lad. His scores teeter from decent to deplorable, depending on the wind and his flighty concentration. He believes in collared shirts, but feels no golf rule or legendary icon is too sacred for accountability.

Craig Rosengarden considers himself an expert on golf, but not because he’s any good. Rather, it’s because he has spent the last 20-years making golf his life, starting and running the popular AVIDGOLFER Magazine. Want to know the inside skinny on a local golf course, country club, or golf pro, and Craig will likely have the answer. He is also is the Ticket’s All-Time E-Brake Winner—given he’s only on-air once per week!

STILL NEED MORE?! Follow Craig on Twitter @avidgolfer98 and Follow Rick on Twitter @arnettrick