Elements of Style — Upgrade Your Grooming Cabinet

Elements of Style — Upgrade Your Grooming Cabinet

It’s likely time your grooming routine and skincare regimen underwent a deep cleaning – jump into the summer with a clear conscience and clean cabinet (plus clear skin and great hair).

Good grooming can get expensive, so we don’t blame you for being hesitant at the thought of trashing grooming products found in your cabinet, but there will come a day when parting ways is your only option. Get into a routine and find what products work best for you, your hair and your lifestyle so you can effectively maintain your signature style all year long.

Boardroom Salon for Men’s teams of expert stylists and barbers are here to share the tips you need to keep using your grooming products with confidence.

What to Toss

Expired Toiletries

Think twice before using grooming products like these as they are likely expired, making them ineffective and potentially dangerous for your skin and hair (rashes are scary). The keys to determining if a product has gone bad lie in color, smell, consistency, and efficacy. If you notice a change in any of these factors, your product has likely met its end. In other words, if the product has separated, changed color, smells weird, or is dried out, toss it.

Grocery store shampoo

Sulfates aren’t cool. They strip hair of your natural oils, which dries out hair, leading to a lack of moisture and often damage, can cause skin/scalp irritation, and can strip strands of color dyes. Spend the few extra bucks and get a shampoo + conditioner duo with quality ingredients. Your hair will thank you while being more youthful and healthy.

Alcohol-Based Aftershave

Alcohol is a major skin irritant and will dry your skin out – it isn’t something you want to put on your skin after it has been stripped of its oils from shaving. Try a soothing, moisturizing aftershave. While this won’t produce the familiar burning sensation, it will replace some of that moisture you lost while shaving.

What to Keep

Styling Wax/Pomade

You never know when you may need to tame a cowlick, or snazz up your style with a hard part. Keep your styling wax/pomade on hand, just in case. Plus, these products usually last about two years before expiring.

Dopp Kit

Even if you haven’t broken this guy out in a while, save it (also, maybe it’s time for a vacation). You don’t want to be the guy traveling with a Ziploc bag full of your toiletries.

Electric Shaver

Or if you don’t have one already, get one. Perfect for head-to-toe grooming touch-ups (except for your face – see our recommendation below) and the blade tips are great for preventing skin irritation. Trim up the nape of your neck between haircuts, shape your beard, and clean up your back, shoulders, chest, arms…there’s nowhere this tool can’t trim.

PSA: Grooming tools don’t clean themselves. Disinfect regularly.

What to Add

Eye Cream

No, you aren’t too young to use an eye cream; no, it’s not too late to start using an eye cream. It’ll help reduce puffiness, softens the appearance of dark circles and helps alleviate and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Choose one that contains advanced ingredients and soothing extracts. A little goes a long way. We recommend Jack Black Eye Balm Age Minimizing Gel.

Moisturizer with SPF

Your morning routine should include applying a face moisturizer with an SPF of 20+. Choose one that’s lightweight and non-greasy – Ideal for daily use. It visibly improves skin’s overall appearance and provides lasting hydration without oiliness or heaviness. The SPF protection will help shield skin from premature aging due to sun exposure. Try Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer.

A Quality Razor

Achieve an effortless shave that is close, comfortable and without skin irritation by upping your razor game. Plus, straight razors have a huge longevity which will save you a ton of cash in the long run. Talk with your barber to find the style that works best for you.

Sharpening your grooming regimen will help you achieve lasting results and prevent wasting money on products you don’t need or won’t ever use. Get into a routine and find what products work best for you, your hair and your lifestyle so you can maintain your signature style and keep yourself looking great and feeling confident all year long.

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