Instruction – No More Casting!

Instruction – No More Casting!

There are many reasons golfers come over the top and slice the ball, but the most common problem, for a right handed golfer, I see during a swing evaluation at Pure Swing Golf is left side-bend on the downswing. Note that the opposite problem is true for a left handed golfer. All good golfers right side-bend on the downswing. Right side-bending might be the most awkward move in the golf swing since it feels like you are leaning away from the target on the downswing. Players that have enough right bend are rarely over the top. In many cases, fixing the over the top means fixing the side-bend in the downswing. I’ve often found that initiating the downswing by siding the hips towards the target helps people to fix their over the top move. Hopefully, these pictures and illustrations will help you turn your over the top lash into in to an inside out swing.

This is what happens to the club when you right side-bend on the downswing. The club gets under the plane line which helps you to swing from inside to out. Most golfers tend to swing from outside to in, causing a ball that starts to the left of the target and curves right

Notice how my hips have bumped forward towards the target on the downswing which initiates the right side-bend. This also helps get the weight on the front foot which is necessary for consistent ball first contact.

This club is clearly over the top of the plane. From this position consistency is very difficult. This is the position I see most often when players are complaining about distance and accuracy.

Since the right shoulder is not going down towards the ball in this picture, the right arm has to straighten to hit the ball. Zero of the best ball strikers in the history of golf have had a straight right arm at impact. Also, notice how my hips are over my back foot which often causes people to hit behind the golf ball.

Anthony Broussard is the founder of Pure Swing Golf, an indoor golf training facility, in Dallas, Texas. Anthony played collegiate golf at The University of North Texas and has over eight years of high level professional playing experience, including playing in the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, winning the 2014 Texas State Open, and winning three other professional tournaments. Follow Anthony on Instagram @psgdallas and visit his website to learn more.