Tech Talk – Making a Statement

Tech Talk – Making a Statement

Starpower has long been known as the go-to destination for upscale technology when it comes to audio/video equipment and installation, but their latest addition to the clubhouse at Gleneagles Country Club makes a statement above and beyond even their lofty standards.

Gleneagles recently requested an advanced screen for their restaurant and bar that Starpower CEO, David Pidgeon and his award-winning installation teams were glad to spearhead. In the market to upgrade their TV’s, Gleneagles wanted something that would wow their members and attract new ones as they tour this world-class facility.

The new LED wall screen Starpower custom installed is unlike anything you may be familiar with. The 11×7 wall boasts 5,600 nits of brightness. In case you’re unclear on what a nit is, allow us to explain. In lighting, the nit is a unit of visible-light intensity, commonly used to specify the brightness of a particular display. In most state-of-the-art televisions, nits can reach about 1,500, meaning the screen that currently adorns the wall at Gleneagles is brighter than anything you’ve likely ever seen.

“If you’re looking to separate yourself from other venues or homes, then this is absolutely the statement piece you need.” Pidgeon boasted of Starpower’s creation at Gleneagles.

With the current setup, the screen operates at about 40% brightness, and can be adjusted dependent on sun conditions, meaning this screen can be tailored and is perfect for outdoor use or sun-bathed rooms. Over the years, Starpower has successfully completed many custom outdoor video wall installations. Most recently, their team completed a stunning private installation for a family wanting this technology outside near their pool. Installing this kind of high-dollar tech outdoors may seem like a dangerous proposition, but these screens are 100% water proof, so you need not worry if one of the kid’s cannonball splashes H2O in its direction.

Most current setups, including older bulky projectors need certain throw distances for optimal viewing, and sun can wash-out a lot of the picture. No issues with this new tech, as the brightness is seemingly limitless and can overcome any issues with both indoor or outdoor environments.

The screen itself is comprised of 2×2 cubes, and installation usually takes just a few days to complete, depending on how large the customer wants the screen.

Although the screen at Gleneagles measures a jaw-dropping 160 inches diagonally, these screens can be installed to fit any size. You want a 200-inch screen? No problem. Starpower can accommodate.

In addition to unparalleled picture quality and brightness, the screen can also be fit with processors allowing it to be split into multiple screens at once. So, if a customer wants a wall screen that can be broken down into eighths, quarters, or halves to watch multiple events at once, that can be done.

Imagine being able to watch multiple games during the NCAA Tournament, or splitting the screen to view several games at the same time on an NFL Sunday. Anyone who installs one of these screens in their living room or Man-Cave will immediately become the envy of their whole neighborhood.

Gleneagles is reaping the benefits of this new technology. Members are flooding to the restaurant and bar and can’t keep their eyes off the gorgeous new addition.

“Gleneagles has other huge TV’s in their bar area. But, if you go and observe, you’ll see –  everyone’s eyes are turned toward our screen.” Pidgeon said. “At the end of the day, that’s what a club wants. They want people to enjoy their surroundings and they want to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience so guests will stay for a while and take in all that the club has to offer.”

In the past, especially with larger TV’s or projectors, there has been concern of burnout or replacement of bulbs after a certain number of hours, but this technology is built to be on for many hours at a time, which makes it ideal for a country club setting where, on some days, it might be on for 18-plus hours.

“These screens are built to run for hours with no issues. Starpower stands behind its expert installation, and when you pair that with an incredibly reliable product, it’s a win all around.” Pidgeon said.

If it’s a statement piece you’re after, whether it be for your business, club, or residence, then look no further than Starpower and their tremendous commitment to top of the line technology and flawless installation. The new screen at Gleneagles is a prime example of the cutting edge, and where things are headed if you’re a fan of the biggest screen and the finest picture quality you can get.