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The holidays are upon us, and we want to continue the trend of finding some incredible tech and innovations that you deserve. We’ve rounded up the top 5 biggest items that should be on every techie’s wish list. Whether you’re searching for comfortable seating or the latest innovation in TV technology, it’s important to visit an informed retailer to answer all your questions. A good demonstration will give you the peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

OLED is more affordable than ever, and LG’s new technologies have truly elevated the new category of television. OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs use a revolutionary technology with self-lighting pixels for vivid color and infinite contrast. OLEDs work by putting electricity through certain materials that glow these specific colors. No other TV technology creates light directly like this.

The self-lighting pixels can switch off completely to achieve perfect black, so images come alive with breathtaking detail especially in dark scenes. OLED technology enables a design that is ultra-thin and light that usually consists of a panel-on-glass design. The best OLED to come out this year is LG’s new flagship: a 77-inch Signature OLED TV. This is LG’s biggest and best and supports HDR10, Dolby Vision and 4K resolution. In other words – it is the latest and greatest.

Want to pour yourself chilled, draft beer in the comfort of your own home? Bring happy hour to your place with a Kegerator. A Kegerator is a draft beer dispenser designed to fit into your bar, outdoor kitchen or any place. Its stainless steel exterior fits right in next to your stainless appliances. Kegerators allow you to keep your beer for extended periods of time without losing quality or freshness, just like the draft beer system you see at your favorite bar. Draft beer always tastes better than bottled and canned beer – now it’s at your place!

My favorite is the Perlick Beer Dispenser. This boasts dispensing towers that are air-cooled to keep beer lines cold and beer perfectly chilled all the way through the faucet. Perlick’s patented stainless steel flow control beer faucet allows you to adjust the rate of flow to accommodate all styles of craft beer. Be careful whom you tell about this amazing machine.


Wireless Speakers by Bose
Looking for a cinematic sound experience that is easy to set up and isn’t bogged down by wires? Bose has you covered with the Lifestyle 650. This sound system will bring your favorite movies to life with a powerful, wireless bass module, four compact satellite speakers including rear wireless surrounds and a wide center channel speaker. Don’t let the size of these speakers fool you; they pack a lot of punch in a small package. The Lifestyle 650 offers a true 360-degree sound projection experience that can be enjoyed by the entire room, and not just the person sitting in the center. This is one of the most uncompromising five-speaker home theater systems we’ve ever seen.

Leather Seating
One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a buttery soft leather chair that is custom made specifically for you. Leather is one of the most durable, environmentally sound and value-oriented furniture materials known to man. Plus, there is nothing like the feel and aroma of leather. A fine piece of leather furniture starts with the hide. If you want the best of the best, top full-grain leather is the finest quality of hide available.

Top full-grain hide requires no buffing or sanding, which gives you the strongest and most durable piece of furniture available. With a quality hide, it’s essential to find a retailer who offers frames built to your exact specifications from the finest lumber available. A quality furniture frame can make the difference between mass produced pieces of furniture that last a couple of years versus one that will last a lifetime. Lastly, evaluate the customization options available that will ensure you’re investing in furniture that meets all of your needs.


Turntable from Thorens
If you have old records lying around now is the time to dust them off and enjoy a true music experience again. Relive those years or discover what you have been missing listening to today’s compressed music. To get the best experience out of your records you need a good turntable setup. While portable turntables are decent entry-level solutions, a stand-alone turntable will offer the best possible vinyl-listening experience. You may also want to get a turntable with a USB connector. This allows recording your vinyl collection to a computer.

One of the best you can get is from Thorens. The award-winning TD 550 is the perfect mix of beautiful design and unmatched sound quality. It is built to expose the natural sound of each record no matter what the genre. Now you’ll begin hearing subtle things you’ve never heard in your old records before.

David Pidgeon is the CEO at Starpower. There are three Starpower locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Knox and Cole, Southlake and North Dallas) and one location in Scottsdale, Ariz.