Whistle Britches – Not Your Grandma’s Fried Chicken

Whistle Britches – Not Your Grandma’s  Fried Chicken

When determining your next tasty destination, it’s no question you should consider the new and eclectic dining experience at Whistle Britches (WB for short). Whether your brunch group is gathering for chicken and waffles with mimosas, you’re in the area on your lunch break looking for a real tasty sandwich, or you have a dinner date awaiting you with craft beer, wine and cocktails – Whistle Britches is the simple yet exciting ambition every chicken lover must visit.

As if the idea of flavorful fried chicken alongside biscuits and adult drinks isn’t genius enough, the one and only (so far) location just off Preston and Frankfort Road is the perfect corridor for all of North Dallas. With heavy traffic and the swarm of nearby families, this location not only sparks interest to those passing by, but an apparent interest also began with chef and co-owner Omar Flores.

Location, atmosphere and fried chicken… that’s what Flores had in mind when he took over this location and opened WB last July. So, it was no surprise when those three features brought in people from all different arrays of life. “Young families, young people, old people… you know… everyone loves fried chicken” Flores said. “We never set out to target a certain demographic – just people who enjoy fried chicken and a different setting.”


And a different setting is exactly what you get here. Typically, when you set out to eat delicious fried chicken, you aren’t lucky enough to receive awesome atmosphere as well. However, at Whistle Britches, you have no shortage on both great food and great atmosphere.

The appealing light that radiates throughout the open dining area during the brunch and lunch hours gives you that warm sensation you desire when entering your favorite diner. After skimming the room, it doesn’t take long for your eyes to fixate to the back bar which displays tidy assortments of potential cocktail concoctions, modern orange bar chairs and rustic hanging lamps.

The next aspect in the room your eyes are sure to lock-in on is the glass garage-like door leading to the patio. This space attracts any type of person or group – big parties, dinner dates, the entire family, anyone… it’s the perfect picturesque touch that every restaurant today should require. All-in-all, a mixture between rustic and modern is the impression here, which is also an accurate depiction of the food that is served.

For the more traditional fried chicken lover, look to the section titled Winner Winner Chicken Dinners & More. These entrees are as traditional as they come; ranging from three and four piece variations of white and dark meat chicken, wings and tenders; including the notorious biscuits and sided with potato salad or cole slaw.

If you’re more of a contemporary eater and looking for a new and unique dish, there’s a special place on the menu for you. In fact, the heart and soul of the menu was built for those looking for a fun and exciting twist to the traditional take.

“We wanted to have fun with the menu,” Flores said. “My partner and I wanted to open this restaurant as something kind of simple yet something fun at the same time, so that was the idea behind it.”

The brining process, the seasoning and the breading of the chicken is what sets WB apart from other typical chicken joints. The pickle brine is an apparent favorite, which you’ll experience if you order under the Real Tasty Sandwiches portion of the menu. The Whistle Britches sandwich, a house favorite, was my obvious first choice when visiting. And if it’s yours, you will understand why, too – the moment you get to experience firsthand the melting honey butter, atop the perfect fried chicken, and sandwiched by the buttermilk biscuits (which are the biggest rave from the customers).


More interesting and delicious offers include the “Deviled” Farm Eggs from the Getting Started section – which is more than just your typical deviled egg. Kewpie mayo, “the royal” country ham, dill relish and pickled mustard all help in creating a memorable appetizer. Another item from the introduction menu, which is sure to stand out, is the Kung Pao Chicken Wings, mixed with sweet chili, Shaoxing, roasted cashews and cilantro.

In opposition to the ordinary cole slaw or potato salad side you receive with your chicken dinners, there are multiple alternative savory sides you won’t want to miss out on: the house favorite Three Cheese Mac, the Garlic Butter Fries (SO good!) or the Green Beans Casserole. Also, a variety of salads are available to choose from, as well as a spectacular dessert menu any sweet-toothed customer will crave (you won’t feel guilty ordering one of the three delicious custards, or a pumpkin or apple pie).

This hip and modern twist to a southern-style kitchen is sure to keep the various demographics filing in for more. Yet, all in all, it truly is the chicken, along with the creativity of the menu, atmosphere and all that’s offered at Whistle Britches that makes this place so special. So, next time you’re in the area and you’re itchin’ for chicken; or maybe you’re set out to discover the newest and most intricate flavors offered in North Dallas … Whistle Britches is the tastiest decision you’ll never grow bored of.