After the Round – Columbian Country Club

After the Round – Columbian Country Club

Dallas is chock-full of great spots to imbibe a few drinks and enjoy some great bites. But if you are looking for one-stop shopping on both with a cozy, hip atmosphere, then look no further than Columbian Country Club. If this name sounds familiar, and it might to those hip to the Dallas club scene, it is because Columbian is steeped in a rich history that involves golf and a social scene that is second to none. 

Columbian Country Club was originally founded in Dallas back in 1881 and was a prestigious, exclusive spot for members of the Dallas Jewish community, located on Main Street in downtown Dallas. After many years in downtown, the club relocated to Carrollton in the ‘50s, with the addition of a 60,000 square-foot clubhouse, pool and tennis courts. Where Columbian CC sat until 2004 is now Maridoe Golf Club, which left the former members and the memories of Columbian without a place to call home. In stepped hospitality industry veterans Brian Rutt, Justin Kallhoff and Jonathan Rosenberg. The trio was approached by the property owner, who was searching for ideas to fill the space. The idea of reimagining the original club was hatched, and the three jumped in feet first to launch the concept.

The décor at Columbian would best be described as a combination of old-world class, speakeasy charm and whimsical elegance. The tables are adorned with their own lamps, which can be dimmed at your disposal. Plush seating around larger tables and booths offer cozy comfort and a certain understated sex appeal. 

The cocktail program at Columbian is arguably one of the most interesting and delicious in the entire city. From martinis to the old fashioned, each is carefully crafted and presented in gorgeous glassware that will impress your date, clients or friends. We began with the CC Old Fashioned, which is a combination of High West Bourbon, Blackland Rye and black tea syrup. The orange and lemon peel garnish offer a pleasant nose to the drink before you ever get a sip, and once you do, the mellow flavors of vanilla and light cinnamon in the High West dazzle your palate and leave you wanting more. 

One of the most popular drinks among patrons to Columbian is the margarita. This concoction of Aguasol Reposado, Grand Marnier topped with passion fruit “caviar” is a great take on the traditional marg. The citrus notes of the Grand Marnier and background flavors of the passion fruit really take this to the next level and alleviate some of the familiar tequila bite. As the weather warms up, this is a perfect way to beat the upcoming summer heat. 

Six martinis also grace the Columbian menu, including a classic dirty variety with Kettle One and hand-pressed olive juice. There is also a Mexican martini, which incorporates Teremana reposado with some Grand Marnier and the signature briny bite of 1888 pressed olive juice. Espresso martinis have become a popular choice among country club members over the last couple years, and Columbian makes a mean one. This is a silky combo of Tito’s handmade vodka, Luxardo espresso, Licor 43 and cocoa bitters. This is a crowd-pleaser at any time of day, but it can definitely give you a pop of energy if you are looking to party until the wee hours. 

In addition to all the delightful cocktails on the Columbian menu, there is also a wide selection of wines and champagnes by the glass or by the bottle, ranging in price from around $15 per glass and climbing the ladder to premium brands like Veuve Clicquot and Krug Grand, which go for $170 and $350 per bottle, respectively. So, whether you are looking to unwind after a long work week with a couple quick glasses or wanting to impress clients or a date with something more prestigious, Columbian will help you accomplish your goal. 

The menu at Columbian is slight, but diverse and delicious. Given the club’s history with the Jewish community, it only seems appropriate for the menu to feature a great bagel. Theirs are topped with a garlic parmesan butter, whipped cream cheese and lemon thyme. Let me assure you, this sharable goes great with any cocktail or wine on their menu. Another wonderful addition to any table is the crab dip. This comes served piping hot with some mustard seeds and Old Bay milk bread. The subtle sweetness of the crab with the gooey, melty cheese will satisfy those who live for sea fare. The toast that rides alongside the dip will hold up as you pile the dip on top. It’s a wonderful bite, and a perfect dish to share among your group. 

Caviar has long been a staple for those looking to add some culture and class to their dining experience, and CCC has a couple options served “TX style” with Ajitama egg, cornbread blini, shallot and crème fraiche. A golden kaluga comes to your table for $80, or the Platinum Osetra for $110. Both will not only impress your party, but also wow them with astonishing flavor profiles. 

If you are in the mood for something a little more substantial, then there are a couple chicken options you should look into. The first are the chicken thighs, which have a nice spice kick thanks to some added Japanese Togarashi pepper. Thighs tend to come equipped with more flavor than chicken breast due to the increased fat content in that area of the bird. If you are in the mood for a more Americanized version, the chicken tenders are also a great bet. They come served with some creamy honey mustard and house-made fries. 

Of the 10 options on the menu, my personal favorite would have to be the Cheese-bao-gers. Allow me to explain … these are the hybrid offspring of the American slider and Asian stuffed bao buns. The sticky-sweet bao buns are stuffed with a flavorful Wagyu burger patty, melty cheese and a bourbon-bacon jam. If you remember nothing else from this feature on Columbian Country Club, remember that I am telling you here and now that this is one of the best fusion dishes in the entire city. They are exploding with flavor and textural elements that sing in harmony, together making for one exceptional bite after another… and at just $16, they are a great value. If there is a must-try on this menu, this is the one. And don’t forget to add some of their garlicky, spiced house-made fries on the side. 


Although the menu isn’t very expansive at Columbian, there is a little something for everyone, although a salad of some kind would be a welcome addition to those looking for something lighter. 

Not only is CCC a great place to enjoy a date or happy hour, but it’s also a spot to take in some live music and dancing. The old-world, glamorous atmosphere is perfect with low lighting and its Manhattanite vibe. There is a piano player on site most nights, and there is also a DJ booth which will allow someone spinning tunes nightly. So, get there early, have dinner and drinks, then cut a rug with someone special to some hot beats. 

Columbian Country Club takes patrons on a modernized trip to the past. Everything about Columbian is artwork, from the décor to the cocktails to the food. Presentation is paramount throughout your visit. From the moment you walk through the door, you feel like a member of the Rat Pack. The whole place is just “cool,” and each sip of your cocktail sends you on a journey to toast the past while all the while living in the present. Columbian is a perfect place to show off for your next client meeting or first date. You won’t regret it. 

Columbian Country Club 

3314 Ross Ave. Suite 150 

Dallas, TX 75204