After the Round – Goldie’s Lake Highlands

After the Round – Goldie’s Lake Highlands

The Lake Highlands area of Dallas is just a stone’s throw away from White Rock Lake, and in that neighborhood, there is a brand-new spot you should be aware of. Goldie’s is a collaboration between Dallas restaurateurs Brandon Hays and Brittni Clayton, who have combined for decades of experience, including Hays’ time at places like Sfuzzi, Ferris Wheelers and High Fives. The 1,500-square-foot space is cozy and comfortable, with great ambiance and an even better menu to boot. Executive Chef Matthew Perry has launched a menu that, although small, features huge flavor profiles and fresh ingredients. 

If you are just in the mood for some drinks and appetizers, Goldie’s can check both of those boxes. If you have a taste for wine, then you are in luck. There are wines by the glass or by the bottle and will run anywhere from $13 for a single pour to $100 for the whole bottle. If you are in the mood for a cocktail, then I would recommend the Cherry Limeade, which is Kraken Rum, white rum, maraschino liqueur, lime juice and some cherries. It’s a perfect summertime cocktail that will dazzle your tastebuds. If you are on the sobriety train and want something non-alcoholic, then the Della’s Mocktail is a great choice. This is Pom juice with some pineapple, club soda and cherries.  

Food at Goldie’s is simple, but very flavorful. The menu isn’t very large, so you won’t find yourself waffling between too many items. If you are looking to happy hour with a drink and something lighter, then the sharables menu has plenty of options. The simple cheese & honey tray is a perfect accompaniment to a cocktail, beer or glass of wine. It comes with a rotating artisanal cheese, some honeycomb, seasonal fruits, parmesan chips and some crostini. 

If you are a fan of fresh seafood, then the snapper ceviche is a great choice. It is served with some shallot, cucumber, cilantro, Fresno chilis for some pop, and corn chips. It’s fresh, packed with flavor, and you won’t be able to get enough. Speaking of seafood, the seafood tower is a hit among diners, with shrimp and crab served alongside some fresh horseradish and some spicy saltines. 

We sampled the tuna tataki, which was stupendous. This bluefin is served with some ponzu sauce, crispy onion and ginger. The fish is so fresh and flavorful, it doesn’t make you feel like you are hundreds of miles from the ocean. It seems like you should be able to walk outside and see the waves crashing onto the beach. 

If you are on a health kick, then the salad menu is a great place to start looking. The Session Salad comes with grilled chicken, apples, spring mix, dates, egg, walnuts with Green Goddess dressing. It’s light with bright, bold flavors. You’re going to love it. The Coconut Shrimp Salad is also a great option for those looking for some great sea fare. Four golden fried shrimp sit atop a stack of cabbage, Fresno chilis, pineapple, almonds and red onion, served with some sweet chili sauce for dipping. The shrimp are crunchy with the panko breading. A little dip with the sauce and some of the cool cabbage help counteract the spicy Fresno’s. 

There are only seven main course choices at Goldie’s, but each is different and delicious. If you are just a burger-and-fries person, then you are in luck, as Goldie’s has a good one. The burger was cooked to a perfect medium, which kept the meat nice and juicy. The toasted bun held up well with the special sauce and crisp veggies. It’s a solid burger. 

If you are into something a little more refined, then there are several other main entrée options, including a pair of great beef cuts. The Prime NY Strip comes served with grilled onions and a bone marrow butter. Tender, juicy with plenty of fat content that renders to perfection. A filet is also available for the true aristocrat and comes with a great au poivre peppercorn crust. The bite of the pepper is a perfect complement to this succulent tender cut. 

If beef isn’t your thing, the Red Snapper “Here Fishy Fishy” dish is a delight. The Snapper is perfectly cooked, with crispy skin, and the Israeli couscous salad and charred heirloom tomatoes are a world-class combination. This is one of the best fish dishes in Dallas. It’s exploding with flavor, texture and color. 

Sides at Goldie’s are great, too. The mac-n-cheese is some of the best I have tasted in a while. If you are looking for something more on the healthy side, there is a rotating green veggie or some honey butter baby carrots. They are both fire. 

If there is one thing at Goldie’s that might need a little work, it’s the dessert menu. If you are a fan of the sweets to end your meal, Goldie’s only offers one dessert option: their version of a banana split. Now, it’s a great option, but for those who aren’t a fan of bananas, this can be a little disappointing. A nice chocolate option … a brownie, mousse or something similar … would be a welcome addition. That being said, the banana split was tremendous, and I would return to Goldie’s just for that. 

Goldie’s is a perfect spot for those in the Lake Highlands area to hit on a date night. The menu is simple, but very flavorful and fresh. The staff and management were extremely friendly, stopping by to check on us throughout our visit. It really is a neighborly place, and you can see the joy on patrons’ faces as they enjoyed their drinks and food.