After the Round – Lockwood Distilling Co.

After the Round – Lockwood Distilling Co.

Lockwood Distilling Co. was built with community, and connecting with those who support it, in mind. From the inception and grand opening of their original location back in late 2019, ownership, management and employees have operated with the idea that taking care of their own and those who support them means everything. After battling through COVID shortly after firing up their stills, Lockwood has become a Richardson staple, and now with a Fort Worth location and one that is set to open any day now in McKinney, they are churning out not only great spirits, but also top-quality food to nosh. 

Right out of the gate, we need to talk about Lockwood’s stable of great sprits. Bourbon, rye, gin, vodka and rum are the liquors that churn through their stills and out their doors. The straight bourbon whiskey has great notes of oak, brown sugar, molasses, vanilla and cherry. It is truly a taste of Texas, with plenty of character and a smooth finish that leads to a slight burn as you sip it down. There is also a rye whiskey that is aged in medium char oak barrels and has some more traditional fall-type notes like cinnamon and allspice. Either is wonderful in one of their Manhattans, or go for the straight bourbon in one of their Old Fashioneds, which they have right on draft. 

If vodka is your jam, Lockwood can help you there, too. Original vodka or a hibiscus version are available, with their hibiscus being one of their best sellers and one of the only hibiscus vodkas on the market today. Try the hibiscus in a Moscow Mule or the Lockwood 76, which is mixed with lemon juice, simple syrup and sparkling rose. Also, I should mention that several of the cocktails at Lockwood come strained or poured over the smaller ice nuggets, or what many Texans might refer to as “Sonic ice,” which really adds to not only the visual delight of their drinks but offers those of us who like to chew ice a little added treat. 

I have found over the years that most people I run across are either all-in gin people, or absolutely not gin people. Well, if you are one who enjoys the gin, Lockwood does one that provides notes of orange peel, grapefruit, rosemary, coriander, vanilla, and the all-familiar juniper that gives gin its signature aroma and bite. Try this in one of their frozen drinks, the Lockwood Bramble, which is frozen gin and pineapple rum with blackberry, cranberry, raspberry and lime juice. It’s perfect for one of those warm summer days on a patio. 

A collection of rums are also made at Lockwood: the silver, the pineapple, a vanilla and a firewood cinnamon. Any of which will enhance your next tropical concoction … or, with the cinnamon version, chill it down and serve it as a shot to really get your next round of golf off and running. 

Speaking of golf, and seeing as this is indeed a golf publication, Lockwood hosts a charity golf event annually to benefit local charities. The 2024 version of the Lockwood Distilling Co. Copper Cup tournament is in the works, and details will be available soon. So, get your foursome ready for some fun, cocktails and a few birdies for charity. 

As if the cocktails at Lockwood weren’t reason enough to pop by one of their three locations, the food is also stupendous. 

If you are looking for a sharable among the table to accompany one of your drinks, then there are a multitude to choose from, including The Grazing Board, which is their take on a traditional charcuterie, with a selection of meats and cheeses alongside some house-made boursin cheese, pickled veggies and some comeback crackers. Deviled eggs, and a couple different takes on smothered tater tots, are also available (more on the tots in a second). 

Our visit to Lockwood came with a selection of sandwiches we were able to sample, and each was not only unique, but turbo-flavorful and satisfying. The first was the Lockwood Muffuletta, which features salami, pit ham, bologna, provolone, and a briny, salty olive tapenade on luscious, fresh-made Italian bread. The meat combined with the tapenade is a flavor delight, and I dare say even those who don’t fancy olives will like this sandwich. 

The second sandwich we tried was the smoked bologna, and let me tell you, this one took me right back to my childhood. Bologna sandwiches were a staple in my house as a kid, and this one adds a smoky element to the equation, and is then topped with some cheddar cheese, a healthy slather of dijonnaise spread, lettuce and served on Texas toast. But the real game-changer are the crispy Zapp’s potato chips right on the sandwich. It’s your childhood lunch elevated to a new level and a menu item I will most definitely be ordering again. 

The final sando we sampled was the house pastrami. If you are a fan of the Reuben, then this is a great option. This brisket is brined for 10 full days and then smoked for 12 hours in-house. The meat is then rested overnight to assure it doesn’t crumble when sliced, and then thrown on the griddle to warm through and add a nice crust to the edges. It is then served on rye bread with some fresh sauerkraut, melty Swiss and topped with some Ukrainian dressing. Every bite is a textural delight, with the cured flavor of the meat and those crusty edges, followed by the sour bite of the kraut and the silky-smooth dressing. It works on every level and is a must-try. 

If you are in the mood for something in the burger realm, Lockwood offers their house burger which boasts a 44-Farms patty, covered in some of that boursin, tomato, arugula, caramelized onion on a sesame seed bun. Or, if you want to up the ante a bit, go for the bacon BBQ burger, which has bacon, cheddar and a bourbon BBQ sauce. Either one will certainly scratch your beefy, cheesy burger itch. 

If you are looking for something more dinner-worthy for a night out with friends or someone special, then Lockwood features several entrees, as well. Shrimp & Grits are a southern comfort food staple, and Lockwood does theirs properly with andouille sausage, sauteed peppers and onions and some succulent gulf shrimp. 

If you’re one who loves a great steak, then go for the chimichurri skirt steak, which, like the burgers, comes from 44-Farms and is served with some confit marbled potatoes, chimichurri sauce and some chive crema. This is a swarm of flavors all working together in harmony to satisfy your carnivorous craving. 

Of all the dishes at Lockwood, their most popular is the chicken tender dinner. The tenderloins are brined, then breaded in flour and a little corn starch, deep fried and served piping hot and crispy with some gouda mac & cheese, tater tots and their signature Lockwood sauce. Brining the yard-bird ahead of time assures it stays moist and juicy, and the mac oozes with creamy, cheesy goodness.


There are plenty of highlights at Lockwood, but one of the unsung heroes of this menu are the tater tots. Yes, I know it is hard to re-invent the tater tot, but these have a crunchy exterior, soft pillowy interior and are dusted with some kind of mystery seasoning that sings each time you send one down your gullet. They are phenomenal, and with a little dip in the Lockwood sauce, they are even better. 

If you are a junkie for sweets, then Lockwood has you covered for some dessert. They offer handmade fried pies that offer seasonal-infused flavors and are served with some gourmet vanilla ice cream. 

For those who are fans of the float, you have a couple options … a boozy version with Lockwood straight bourbon, bourbon cream, vanilla ice cream and craft root beer. There is also a zero-proof non-alcoholic version that eighty-sixes the bourbon and bourbon cream. I am a sucker for a great root beer float, and this one will knock your socks right off your feet. 

With now three locations, the flagship in Richardson, the Fort Worth Magnolia location and the newest addition in McKinney, Lockwood Distilling is constantly looking to expand and evolve the brand. With top-quality spirits and dynamite food units to accompany them, it’s easy to see how they can keep growing along with the Metroplex. 

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