Fitness – Lower Body Stability

Fitness – Lower Body Stability

A good golf swing has many moving parts and requires much from the body. But before the body can perform a technically sound swing, it must be able to physically handle all that is required. In particular, the body must be stable enough to generate and transfer major energy. It must also be stable enough to promote mobility. You can’t have mobility without stability, and we all know how important mobility is in the golf swing. Therefore, to improve upper-body mobility, start by improving lower-body stability. 

A solid base also ensures the appropriate flow of kinetic energy from the ground, through the core and upper body and, ultimately, to the clubhead. The greater the energy flow, the greater the clubhead speed. With that in mind, please see my three favorite lower-body stability exercises. 

Lunge-Hold Rotations

Keeping both knees at 90 degrees, while ensuring the front heel is supporting most of the weight, gently rotate your torso around the spine and toward the direction of the front leg. Keep the lower body as stable as possible. Breathe and pull the bellybutton to the spine. 

Complete three sets of 10-12 repetitions on each side.

5-Iron Posture Step-Slides

While in “5-iron” posture, step/slide one foot 6-8” away from the opposite foot. Keep each foot parallel to the other, transfer weight, and rotate the upper body around the spine and toward the foot that step/slid. Keep a club or barbell across the chest and focus on disassociating the upper body from the lower.

Complete three sets of 15-20 repetitions on each side.

5-Iron Posture Lateral Touches w/ Gliders

While in “5-Iron” posture, slide one foot back and forth laterally. Keep the majority of body weight on the stable foot heel and try not to transfer weight to the mobile foot while extending the leg. There should be a contraction in the stable foot glute. Use a glider to facilitate the back-and-forth movement of the leg.

Complete three sets of 15-20 repetitions on each side.


Matt Greenemeier is the Director of Fitness at Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club and is a TPI Certified Personal Trainer. You can email Matt at