Instruction – Consistent Contact

Instruction – Consistent Contact

One of the biggest inconsistencies I see with amateur golfers is where they hit the ball on the clubface. It is always in a different spot, causing direction inconsistencies as well as yardage inconsistencies and leaving them frustrated. Did you know that if you hit the golf ball just a half inch off the center of the clubface, that results in three-plus yards lost in distance as well as three-plus yards offline the ball travels, according to Trackman studies? This doesn’t even account for if your clubface is open, closed or what your path is. Those numbers are strictly just if you hit the ball in the center of the clubface, not taking anything else into account yet. That’s huge! 

Below are some drills to help you master hitting the ball in the center of the clubface and hitting more greens in regulation.

Here are the items you need for your contact drill station:

Foot powder spray (any brand works as long as it says powder spray)

Two tees

Two water bottles, empty or half full if it is windy

Extra golf glove

To start your practice session, spray one of your wedges, 9-iron or 8-iron with the powder spray. Once you have done this, place your clubhead on the ground and a tee a quarter of an inch outside the toe of your clubhead and heel of your clubhead, as shown below.

Once you have set up the gate drill, start by making swings without a golf ball, going from hip high to hip high, brushing the grass without hitting the tees. Once you master this a few times, place a golf ball between the tees. Now, make swings going from hip high to hip high in length, hitting the golf ball without hitting the tees. If you hit one of the tees, shorten your swing until you can successfully hit the ball without hitting the tees. Your goal is to hit seven out of ten golf balls without hitting the tees with this small swing before adding length to your swing. Once you have successfully added length to your swing and missed the tees, switch clubs.

If you found the gate drill frustrating, this means you most likely have a swing path issue. Below is the drill for you.

To set up the station below, place a golf ball on the ground; from here, place your clubhead at a 45-degree angle outside of the golf ball and your target line, place a water bottle here. Now, place your clubhead on the inside of the golf ball and your target line at the same 45-degree angle, and place another water bottle here. You have now given yourself barriers and made a swing path practice station. Place a tee where the golf ball is, taking the golf ball away, and make some practice swings without hitting one of the water bottles. 

Once you have done this several times, hit some golf balls, replacing the tee with a golf ball and start with hip high to hip high length swings. Once you have hit the golf ball seven out of ten times with this length swing, add some length to your backswing doing the same drill. If you hit one of the water bottles with the longer backswing, place a glove under your trail armpit; this will help ensure your arms and body stay connected, helping you have a more neutral swing path. 

If this article has helped your contact, let me know. Also, if you have specific issues you would like me to address in the next article, you can contact me at