Instruction – Soul Food Strikes

Instruction – Soul Food Strikes

Striking an iron pure is one of the greatest feelings in golf. The effortless, smooth contact is like food for the soul. However, a poor strike reverberates throughout the body with almost as much intensity. Whether it’s the jarring thud of a chunk or the bone shattering, finger breaking thin shot, it’s time to work on our iron contact. With a downward attack angle, the appropriate arc height and low point control, you’ll be on your way to soul food strikes.

Let’s first talk about the two most common causes of contact issues. Hanging back on the downswing and arms pulling in through impact. When we hanging back on the downswing we shift the low point back. If we do make contact with the ground while doing this it will result in contacting the ground before the ball. When this happens we get “ground shock” and become subconsciously reluctant to make contact with the ground. As a result, the arms start to pull the club away from the ground through the impact area. So, now we have both fat and thin contact occurring.

Now, I know what you are thinking… “How do we fix this?”. Well, I am glad you asked, because I have one drill that will help fix this. I call this the “T-Line Strike Station”.

Drill Set Up

Place an alignment stick on the ground pointing at the target. Place a second alignment stick perpendicular to the one the ground to form the letter “T”. Now, tee up five balls a little more than one shoe width (five inches) in front of the alignment stick.

Drill Execution

Using your 7-iron, take your set up to the first ball. The correct set up will position the ball in the middle of your stance and the alignment stick in line with the inside of your trail foot. Now, it’s time to swing.

Drill Feedback

A perfectly executed shot will result in the “T” remaining in position with the divot starting at the tee that the ball was sitting on. If we hang back and hit the ground we will send the alignment stick flying. If we pull in with the arms we will hit the ball thin and won’t make contact with the tee or ground.

This is one of my favorite contact drills and I would consider it a staple part of your practice. Head to the range and work this drill for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to set this drill up correctly and pay attention to the feedback from each shot. This will have you on your way to Soul Food Strikes.