Ask the Doctor – Can Lipo Improve Your Swing?

Ask the Doctor – Can Lipo Improve Your Swing?

You may be wondering how plastic surgery can possibly improve your golf game. In this edition, we will explain how extra weight and fat cushioning can impede the full force of your swing.

How Extra Fatty Tissue Can Affect Your Game

A powerful swing relies on the perfect combination of balance, coordination, strength, and speed. Each one of these factors is affected by the range and mobility of your core. So, if your game has suffered recently, chances are it may have more to do with those extra pounds around your midsection than you realize. We consistently hear from our clients how the result from male liposuction was key to improving mobility, increasing stamina, finding their swing and getting their game back. Therefore, if you aren’t quite on your game and can’t seem to figure out why, there is no doubt that losing that extra bulk, especially in the mid-section, can increase torque and help improve your swing. 

What Is Liposuction?

The gold standard for removing unwanted fat is a procedure called liposuction. The good news is that you were born with all the fat cells you are ever going to have. Unfortunately, the number, where they are located and how they react to your lifestyle can vary widely from person to person. Thanks to genetics and eventually age, most men have stubborn pockets of fat that are increasingly resistant to diet and exercise. Fortunately, male liposuction will reliably and permanently get rid of the unwanted fat. 

How Is Liposuction Different for Men?

Male liposuction done right is more complex than just removing unwanted fat. Traditional liposuction methods, while effective, generally target removal of the deep layers of fat to maintain the soft curves and hourglass figure preferred by female patients. In contrast, male liposuction is more complex and relies on several steps to target all layers of fat to create and maintain the leaner and more defined contours of the male physique.

To ensure a masculine contour, male liposuction should be performed by a plastic surgeon specializing in men and male plastic surgery procedures.

As a male specialist we understand

How to highlight the V-shaped trunk and more chiseled features of the male physique.

How important it is to treat all layers of fat and follow natural muscle contouring.

How to improve skin quality and muscle tone after the procedure to enhance the result.

The best outcome is obtained when results are dramatic but look natural.

Liposuction Treatment

Treatment planning begins with an in-depth consultation to evaluate individual fitness level, body type, and goals.  In line with the patient’s goals, the body areas are mapped out for a two-step process: 1) excess fat removal and 2) etching to highlight the surrounding contours and muscle edges. This process gets rid of unwanted fat and creates sharp definition to provide a distinctly trim, masculine look.

Most procedures take between two to three hours and are done on an outpatient basis. The advanced techniques and equipment used at our center are designed to reduce bruising and swelling, minimize downtime plus promote skin tightening for a final result far superior to traditional methods of fat removal. All procedures are extremely effective at permanently eliminating excess fatty tissue, contouring your midsection, and keeping your figure looking distinctly male.

Liposuction Recovery

Male liposuction procedures cover multiple areas and require mild general anesthesia to allow efficiency and patient comfort. Although you should refrain from strenuous workouts for three to four weeks, recovery is quick with most men returning to normal daily activities within three to four days. Once the initial swelling subsides, you can expect immediately visible results, with full benefits in three to six months.