Drive Time – 2021 Porsche Macan GTS

Drive Time – 2021 Porsche Macan GTS

The Porsche brand brings visions of quick, superb handling, engaging sound and downright adrenaline driving cache, delivering on the euphoric promise their rides check the boxes on all sensational counts. And now with three four-door options, Porsche is no longer deemed all fun but light on practicality. 

For those who relish their two-door 911 but need practicality with a growing family, a performance-oriented Crossover might be the grant-all-wishes option. 

The latest model, originally born in 2015, is the Porsche Macan Crossover (Macan is Indonesian for “Tiger”). It is the brand’s #1 seller due to its affordability and everyday utility combined with that famous Porsche performance allure. 

The 2021 Porsche Macan GTS tester (supplied by Park Place Porsche Dallas) is a noteworthy 3rd of four upgrade options from the base model (Base, S, GTS and Turbo). The GTS (Grand Touring Sport) bases at $72,100 and the price delivers much for those desiring the peerless badge’s offerings and upgraded engine. I can honestly say the Macan GTS is one crossover that morphs from comfort cruiser into an exhilarating sports car. 

Let us count the ways this ride separates itself from the crowded SUV/Crossover segment. Seriously, who wouldn’t entertain a cargo sensibility mated with Porsche sportiness? I’m a huge fan. 


The Macan GTS’ curvaceous body possesses some delicious Porsche DNA – especially with the brand’s fabulous four-point LED headlights and new brake light taillight strip. The wide hood is another welcome design characteristic. My tester looks sinister enough in Volcanic Grey Metallic paint, but I’d opt for a lighter color to accentuate the cool black trim along the flanks.  

Sightlines offer a fresh, appealing appearance from any angle and the rear includes quad chrome exhausts. Truth be told, it appears to be a babe magnet as many a female complimented the Macan GTS lovely exterior. 

The 20” RS Spyder Design dark mesh rim and staggered rubber look great, fill the wheel wells nicely and aren’t harsh at all when coupled with the optional air suspension.


Porsche is all about performance and handling and the Macan GTS delivers – as it should. A seven-speed transmission is coupled with the spirited 2.9-liter turbocharged six-cylinder with 375hp/383lb-ft torque and 0-60 in 4.5 quick seconds. That’s plenty of firepower for nearly anyone’s liking. It feels quick with little turbo lag, providing the euphoric feedback one expects including a worthy Sport Exhaust System to raise the goose bump level (you can turn it off when getting home late). 

Capable All-wheel-drive is standard and is rear-wheel bias but leans on the front in slippery conditions. You can also monitor the torque ratios on front and rear axles in the dash. Combined with the stellar suspension, the Macan handles like a dream. And, despite the sporting heritage, the Macan GTS cruises admirably on long drives. Win-win. 

Braking is confident and a handy Auto Hold feature allows you to lift off the break during idling – a welcome benefit when stopping on a steep grade. Upgrade to the Porsche Active Suspension Management ($1,360) to control the dampers allowing seamless adjustments to varying road conditions (Comfort, SPORT, SPORT PLUS).

You can opt to disengage the Auto-Stop feature. Sport Mode tightens the steering, suspension and extends the gear shifting. To me, it’s when the Porsche genes really shine. Mileage is a decent 17/22 for such a rambunctious ride. I squeezed 21mpg on the highway from a brand-new engine. 


 The Macan possesses Porsche’s unmistakably upscale, sporty interior. Fit, finish and materials are top notch. Creature comforts abound in the cocoon and the scented cowhide leather appointments add to the allure including the dash. Attractive trim and a perfectly formed sport steering wheel (heated!) are excellent. I dig the three analog instrumentation displays that’s deliciously old-school as well.

I’d opt for the Premium Package Plus ($6,230) that includes heated front/rear seats, Ventilated front seats (they cool quickly), Bose Surround Audio System, those terrific LED headlights, Apple CarPlay, Surround Camera and generous Panoramic Roof. The seat climate controls are conveniently on the console thereby not needing to run through several maddening menus on the info screen. 

For a Crossover, headroom is darn generous – even in the backseat – and plenty of elbowroom. Legroom is ample too with feet fitting comfortably underneath the front seats. Visibility is very good for this category. The rear-view mirror is smallish – as is the rear window – but ample side mirrors are excellent. 

Instantly recognizable is Porsche’s customary left-hand ignition key (designed back in the day to simultaneously start the car with the left hand while shifting with the right). 

The console is chock full of handy buttons and larger 10.9” HD infotainment touchscreen with a welcome matte finish to inhibit fingerprints. I especially appreciated the volume and tuner knobs to find your favorite stations and you can preset regardless of radio format. Wireless charging and Head Up display are worthy options.

Cargo room is good enough for full golf bags to fit diagonally including the driver. Of course, more can go in with the 60/40 split rear seats folded down – enabling total cargo space of 53 cu.ft. The button for the power trunk lid is camouflaged in the rear window wiper hinge, thus no hatch latch is necessary. Plus, you can raise or lower the chassis for easier loading in the rear. 

Tech check.

Tech toys are abundant with the usual safety features. Navigation is intuitive and you can download popular apps like Spotify. Bluetooth transmission is crystal clear. 

The 2021 Porsche Macan GTS is what the driving enthusiast needs to contemplate when requiring useful storage along with sublime sporty driving chops. This two-stepped upgraded model from the base gives the car enthusiast a welcome option to roar while delivering cargo carrying practicality. If you’ve always yearned for a Porsche, this is a great ride to investigate. Trust me. 


Golf Bags: More than two with the rear seats down

Curb Appeal: A practical Porsche

0-60: 4.5 seconds

Milage: 17/22. Observed 21 on the highway

Must Haves: Premium Package Plus

Warranty: 4yr/50K miles + complimentary maintenance 1yr/10K miles

Base Price: $72,100

Price as Tested: $86,480

Who Buys It? Those desiring Porsche driving performance and cargo capability

Finish Line: A crossover with impeccable fun and room for your stuff

Test-drive the 2021 Porsche Macan GTS at Park Place Porsche Dallas