Elements of Style – No Hair? No Problem.

Thinning hair is all but inevitable for most men. According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will experience hair thinning by age 35, and by age 50, 85 percent of men have thinning hair or are bald. However, your hair can still look great so long as you find a style that works for you and your hair – no matter how much you have left.
Boardroom Salon for Men’s teams of expert stylists and barbers are here to share a few essential grooming tips to help you bald gracefully.

What should/can men do when they start going bald?

Overall, we recommend maintaining a shorter hairstyle. It creates a feathering effect that minimizes the appearance of a thinning or receding hairline. Blow-drying the hair with a round brush can also help create more volume. To protect your roots, make sure to select the warm setting instead of hot and keep the dryer at least eight inches away from your scalp.

A few styles Boardroom recommends to clients include:

Short and Shaped • This simple style keeps the hair shaved closely to the scalp and pays close attention to how it shapes the face. By keeping the cut blunt and low, people will see your hair at a dense, evenly spread consistency, and not in a more wispy state. Pair this look with some similarly sculpted facial hair.

Slick to the Side • If you’re looking for a more asymmetrical angle, consider slicking your hair up and angling in a forward/diagonal direction. This is a great way to add a more subtle edge to your hairstyle. Use hair gel or pomade to give you maximum control and visual effect.

Straight Up • For an appearance lightly resembling a faux-hawk, consider taking the previous style and slicking your hair straight forward and up instead of to the side. Shave extra close on the sides to give the top and front of your head a more pronounced appearance. This cut works ideally for men with naturally straight hair.

Clean “Military” Buzz • Prove yourself large and in charge with a sculpted military-esque buzz cut. A careful fade around the sides combined with a sharp length in the front will help guarantee an image of fortitude and finesse. Though this style generally matches with all face types, it works best with heart, oval, round and square angles. Proper blending by your stylist is key to this look’s success.

Forward Side Part • If you still want long hair (but with strategic placement), consider a forward-leaning side part that uses shape to distract from a thinning scalp. This creates an asymmetrical effect that toes the line between cool and conservative. A medium-hold matte is an ideal product for allowing the part to keep its shape.

Is it “worth it” for men to fight baldness?
A growing number of our clients are starting to own their appearance by making the boldest move possible: a full head shave. All you need to pull this look off is confidence. And, if you’re not quite at that confidence level yet, consider the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it.” Often, making a bold move like this provides you with all the courage you would need to carry it off. It’s also really easy to maintain.

How do we remove the stigma from baldness?
Some of the most powerful men in Hollywood are now sporting bald looks – Jason Statham, The Rock, Bruce Willis. A recent study by The University of Pennsylvania revealed that bald men are actually perceived as more attractive, confident and dominant. Bald is increasingly becoming synonymous with power and wisdom, and we’ll be seeing more of it.

What does the future of hair restoration look like?
While still in the early stages, stem cell therapy could be groundbreaking for hair restoration as bioengineered stem cells might someday be the cure to hair loss. Researchers are discovering how to reproduce hair follicles in vitro in labs. Human trials have not been confirmed yet, but are in the works.

Are there any effective solutions?
While pills, supplements, laser therapy and other options may work well for some users, they might not be as successful for others. Talk with your dermatologist to see what options suit you best. Hair transplantation could be a more permanent option, but is also more expensive. Keep in mind most treatments are most effective when hair loss is caught in the early stage.

While waiting for the ‘silver bullet’, you can still take strides to maintain your hair health: a healthy diet, exercise and avoiding stress can help. The biggest of these being your stress levels; take time to unwind and maintain your well-being – this, of course, includes golf.

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