Fitness – Staying in Shape on the Road

Fitness – Staying in Shape on the Road

Travel is a pitfall to any workout routine, but with a few simple tricks it does not need to derail you completely. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or hopefully a few rounds at your favorite out of state course, there are a few simple exercises that are sure to keep your body ready for whatever comes next. 

Nowadays we all have access to TRX straps and resistance tubes that can easily fit into a carry-on bag. So, if your goal is to recover from a long flight, augment a current routine or just prepare for a day on the course, here are my three favorite travel exercises for golf.

TRX Straps Dynamic Warmup

Before you begin any physical activity, including weightlifting or swinging a club, you should perform an appropriate warmup. TRX straps ensure a stable environment that allow free range of motion and are brilliant at allowing you to lubricate your joints, while simultaneously actively preparing your tendons and ligaments. A simple TRX squat, with 10 repetitions of shoulder flexion/extension and internal/external hip rotations will do the trick! Just keep your eye on the ball and swivel around the spine.

Resistance Tube “Split-Stance” Rotary Pushes/Pulls

A split stance requires most of your weight to be supported by your front foot heal, making your gluteus maximus “fire”, ensuring it will be working as it should in any power movement that follows. Additionally, keeping your back foot just lightly on the ground will help improve your overall balance and stability which is imperative in any good swing. Don’t forget to disassociate your upper body from your lower body as you perform 15 push/pull repetitions on each side.

Straight-Arm Plank “T-Holds”

No routine is complete without a core exercise and straight-arm plank “T-holds” couldn’t be more efficient for travel. They encompass core strength, shoulder strength and back strength all while actively stretching your hips and rotator cuffs. They can be performed in repetitions or timed intervals, just make sure that you’re staying as parallel to the floor as you can while keeping your core “braced” or “flexed” with a long neutral spine. Easy Day!