Heath and Fitness – Fitness in 15

Heath and Fitness – Fitness in 15

Whether it’s a quick gym session before a tee time, or you’re looking for a speedy workout during your lunch break, these moves combine cardio and strength training go give you an efficient full body workout in under 15 minutes.

Here are my favorite ways to functionally train the entire body in 15 minutes or less. 

Kettlebell Training

They are about as low tech as you can get, but kettlebell training is a very efficient way to burn calories and build strength by combining strength training and cardio in one workout. Adding kettlebells to your fitness routine (or doing an entire 15-minute kettlebell workout) can maximize your time and increase strength, cardio-endurance and flexibility unlike any other single piece of equipment. Best of all, they are small, portable and take up very little space. I like timing one-minute intervals of each of the following movements in order: kettlebell swings; goblet squat to press; one arm press; one arm row; around the leg squats; Turkish get-up. Rest for two minutes and repeat.

How it helps your golf game 

Kettlebell exercises are excellent for improving hip and core strength, two of the most important areas of focus for golfers. These kettlebell workouts are designed to help increase velocity and control, prevent injury and improve overall conditioning.

Interval Training

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is my top choice if you want to get the most out of your limited time. HIIT training consists of alternating short periods of intense physical activity with short periods of rest. My favorite interval session involves mixing in Jacobs Ladder, or the stair machine if your gym doesn’t have a ladder, with high intensity strength training. 30 seconds going all out on Jacobs Ladder followed immediately by 24 reps of push-up to rows, then straight to 12 dumbbell squats. Rest for two minutes and repeat. 

How it helps your golf game

The best golfers in the modern game are athlete’s, so training like an athlete is key. This can be accomplished with high intensity training, which activates the fast twitch muscle fibers that are necessary for a faster and more explosive swing.  


Not only does rowing enhance your cardio-respiratory system, it’s great for injury prevention, improving muscle and joint mobility and burning body fat. Building short 250-meter bursts into your interval program or doing a steady rowing workout will help you maximize your gym time.

How it helps your golf game

Rowing is outstanding for building upper-body strength and endurance. Consistently using a rower will add strength in your core, forearms, shoulders and wrists.

Josh Biard is the Fitness Director at Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club. He oversees the daily operations of the fitness center including personal training, small group training, nutrition, analytics and the fitness desk experience. While at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, Josh became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Fitness Specialist and Wellness Coach. You can contact Josh at 972-717-2592, josh.biard@fourseasons.com.