Some Mind-Blowing Money Stats For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the king of career money earned on the PGA Tour.

What you may not know is how much Tiger has earned by state.

In fact, you may be blown away where Tiger ranks in overall money earned in only four states.’s Alex Myers provides the crazy stats.

To be exact, Woods has earned $19,981,868 in Florida, or about 20 percent of the $100 million he’s made in the U.S. Ohio ($16,335,145) ranks second on the list and California comes in third ($16,057,684), followed by Georgia (those four green jackets help) at $13,372,311. Of course, if you count the two $10 million bonuses Woods pocketed for winning the FedEx Cup in Atlanta, the Peach State would jump to No. 1.

For instance, Woods’ earnings in only those top four states ($65,747,008) places him slightly behind Jim Furyk for FOURTH on the tour’s all-time list. There are only 92 other golfers with earnings of at least $16 million for their careers while Tiger has done that in three different states. And how about the fact that Woods has made more money in Florida than David Duval made anywhere in the U.S. during his career?

Woods plays the next two weeks in Florida to hopefully add to the state’s lead ranking to expanding his bank accounts.