Cameron Percy Old Style Frugality Pays Off During Tough Times

Cameron Percy is an Australian pro golfer who has earned over $3.5 million in earnings in the past decade. Not too shabby but a far cry from the game’s stars. Yet, he’s adhered to a frugal lifestyle to survive the down times. And, with the current COVID-19 crisis, Percy is ironically glad to get some time off due to a painful tendonitis right wrist leading to reduced power off the tee.

Andrew Both profiles the financially prudent pro who is already prepared for lean times.

“Every pro I’ve ever known has had a year where they’ve played like crap,” the amiable 45-year-old said at the Country Club of Wakefield Plantation course where he lives with his wife and three boys adjacent to the second hole in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“I’ve always put money aside in case (of loss of form or injury). I drive a $20,000 car (Nissan Altima), don’t have a boat. Mum and dad taught me to save.

“My accountant is always suggesting I put money in the stock market but most of it is in the bank. What I’ve found from this (pandemic-related economic contraction) is that people don’t save any money any more.”

“I was about to go into seven tournaments in eight weeks, so for me it was a godsend,” he said.

“I’ve been in so much pain hitting the golf ball. I was just trying to play through it and I’ve lost a heap of distance because when I get to the top of the swing that’s when it hurts.

“And it won’t let me go at the ball so I can’t hit it as far as I need to and with these young kids hitting it so far, it means me being 40 or 50 yards behind them all the time.”