CBS Properly Hammered For Ill-Timed Interview While Leader Was In Trouble

CBS usually airs the best golf broadcasts due to its executive producer Lance Barrow and very capable staff. But they committed a heinous timing crime on Sunday deciding to opt for a comparatively unnecessary Dustin Johnson interview while leader Brooks Koepka’s once “insurmountable” lead had shrunk to two and facing a dicey shot from the hay.

The gaff immediately blew up on Twitter as USA Today’s Andy Nesbitt reports.

Instead of sticking with Koepka and breaking down his shot, which was a very difficult one from an ugly lie in front of a bunker that could have gone anywhere and could have cost him his two-stroke lead, CBS cut to a post-round interview with Dustin Johnson, who was talking about his round while they showed Koepka’s shot.

It was just terrible timing and angered fans watching the drama unfold on TV.

Koepka chipped out to the fairway and then wrapped up his fourth major victory with an incredible par, but fans were angry over the coverage on his second shot, and rightfully so. All of the focus should have been on that and not some interview that could have aired after.

Everyone makes mistakes. But for a seasoned crew dying for any drama to unfold, they clearly would love a do-over. Previous CBS exec producer Frank Chirkinian must’ve been screaming from his grave.