Jordan Spieth Unaware That U.S. Open Playoff Is No Longer 18 Holes

Playoff. Playoff?!?!?

Jordan Spieth is meticulous in his preparation for playing an event. Which is why his press conference was so surprising after admitting not knowing the USGA changed their U.S. Open format from 18 holes to a two-hole aggregate–back in February no less.

GolfWorld’s Christopher Powers has the curious details.

Spieth, much like your dad, is four months late on February news. Also, much like your dad, he was checking the weather for a potential Monday playoff this year.

Spieth: “It’s the first I’ve heard of that being an option.”

Reporter: “Really?”

Spieth: “It’s still 18 holes, right? Oh, it is two? I didn’t even know.”

“Two [holes] on Sunday,” Spieth said confusingly. “Either way, I mean, I guess strategy changes a little from an entire round, but I honestly had no idea that it even changed. I was even looking at a weather forecast for Monday, thinking, you know, what’s it look like if you happen to work your way into a playoff? So shows you what I know.”