Cart Girl of the Month: December 2013

Shelby Farmer
Texas Star Golf Course

Hometown: Brookhaven, Miss.

How long have you been a cart girl? Four months

In 10 years you would like to be:  Living back in Mississippi and happily married with kids.

The most interesting fact about yourself: I can lick my elbow.

Favorite foods: Steak and any candy that is not chocolate

If you had more time, you would: Spend every day at the lake and take naps.

The next risk you want to take is: Scuba diving.

Favorite music: Country

Turn-ons: Someone who is genuine, athletic, has good teeth, a nice beard and likes to be outdoors.

Turn-offs: Someone who is inconsiderate and unappreciative.

Fantasy person to date: Chris Hemsworth

What man’s age is too old to date? How old does he look?

The best way to impress you is: It’s all about the little things.

Interests: Football, hunting, cooking, the outdoors and the Dallas Cowboys

Biggest tip: $58

College: Mississippi State University

Worst pick-up line: “I have one of you parked in my garage (Shelby Mustang). Can I take you for a ride?”