Cart Girl of the Month: February 2016

Laura Penny
Texas Star Golf Club

Hometown: Little Rock, Ark.

How long have you been a cart girl? 10 months at Texas Star, four years overall

In 10 years you would like to be: Successful in a career, living on a ranch and building a family

The most interesting fact about yourself: I am very mechanically inclined and do most repairs on my own vehicle

Favorite foods: Authentic home-cooked Italian

If you had more time, you would: Volunteer at animal shelters, travel the world and play more golf!

The next risk you want to take is: Learning to fly a plane and getting my pilot’s license

Favorite music: While driving I jam out to classic rock, but I think all music is great in its own way.

Turn-ons: Classy hair style, great smile, outgoing and funny

Turn-offs: Overly flashy or full of yourself

Fantasy person to date: Johnny Cash

What man’s age is too old to date? I like to think age is just a number; life is what you make it!

The best way to impress you is: Be respectful, respect me … and I love little surprises!

Interests: Everything sports, going to the gun range and spending time with my dog

Biggest tip: $100

College: Tarrant County College

Worst pick-up line: “How you doin?” (in Joey voice from Friends)