Cart Girl of the Month: May 2016

Mackenzie McDowell
Gentle Creek Country Club

Hometown: Paris, Texas

How long have you been a cart girl? 2 years

In 10 years you would like to be: Free of financial worries, helping the less fortunate and surrounded by loved ones who challenge me and make me happy

The most interesting fact about yourself: I won $20 on a scratch off once.

Favorite foods: Salmon and Mexican food

If you had more time, you would: Have a Sunday Fun-Day more often

The next risk you want to take is: Backpack through Europe with no set plans

Favorite music: I like everything, but Country music if I had to choose.

Turn-ons: Knowing what you want and being upfront about it, intelligence, and the scruffy look

Turn-offs: Anger issues, disrespect toward others and bad manners

Fantasy person to date: Charlie Kelly from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

What man’s age is too old to date? It all depends

The best way to impress you is: Intellectual conversation and showing kindness to others

Interests: All outdoor activities, including golf, spending time at the gym, books and shopping

Biggest tip: $200

College: University of North Texas

Worst pick-up line: “Have you told your mama and daddy yet?” Told them what? “That you are getting married to an old man.”