Course Review: Coyote Ridge Golf Club

Course Review: Coyote Ridge Golf Club

Along the Elm Fork Trinity River in Carrollton is one of the Metroplex’s greatest overall golf experiences. Coyote Ridge Golf Club gives any golfer enjoyment while also keeping it adventurous. Coyote Ridge is unique in that the layout of the course features two very distinct layouts with the front and back 9.

There’s a lot to enjoy about Coyote Ridge Golf Club, from the moment you arrive you are greeted at your car find attendant to take your bags to your cart for you while allowing you to walk over to their tremendous pro shop. The pro shop has a wide array of equipment and apparel for any golf or whether you forgot something at the house, or you just want a new piece of golf equipment the pro shop has you covered. Another luxury of Coyote Ridge Golf Club is their fantastic Grill 19, the perfect spot to kick back and drink a few pre or post round as well as an amazing place to grab a bite to eat. With all of these great features Coyote Ridge separates itself from a lot of courses in the area, with that being said they are planning on renovating the practice green as well as the bunkers on the course in the upcoming year which will make this course even better than it currently stands.

The 1st hole at Coyote Ridge is a straight par 4 that plays a mere 326 yards from the blue tees. Playing as the 17th handicap on the course it is a very giving hole that gives you an excellent opportunity to open your round with a birdie if you avoid the bunker to the left of the green you should be in prime position. The second is a deceptive Par 5 that is reachable in 2 for long hitters. Be advised, the approach shot will require some precision shooting in order to avoid the bunkers that guard the front of the green. Par can be had on this hole, leading you to the challenging 3rd hole.

The 3rd hole at Coyote Ridge is a lengthy par 3 that plays 211 yards from the blues to the middle of the green. This is a fairly challenging hole as there is water along the entire right side of the hole, as well as a bunker that’s runs along the right side of the green serving as a buffer between the water and green. Pay attention to the wind conditions on this hole as it will either make or break your shot. The 4th hole is the second longest par 5 on the course and is a tough hole to play no matter the conditions. Keep your tee shot on the left side of the fairway to put yourself in the best position to land on the green, anything to the right and you will be in some trouble.

The 5th hole is a long uphill par 4 that features 3 bunkers upon the ball entering the fairway, but luckily the right is fairly wide open. This is definitely one of the toughest holes on the course due to the flag being uphill. Make sure that you stay away from the right side of the green when shooting because there is a bunker that could cause some problems for you. The 6th is a tricky hole given that there is water all along the right side of the fairway, as well as bunkers guarding the left side. Place your ball in the middle of the fairway to ensure no trouble with your approach shot. There are 3 uniquely shaped bunkers that guard the right side of the green but be sure to remain below the hole on this green or you will be looking at bogey… or worse.

The 7th hole at Coyote Ridge is personally my favorite hole on the course, with an elevated tee box looking down on the par 3’s green this picturesque hole can be deceiving but it’s a simple shot off the tee box as long as you avoid the right side of the green where there is water guarding the front. Birdie can definitely be had on this hole but be careful if you hit past the hole you will be faced with the ever-difficult challenge of putting downhill.

The 8th hole is one where you hope to hit it left as there are an astounding 11 bunkers plagued along the right side of the fairway. Playing as a relatively short par 4 at 370 yards, the green is fairly narrow and long so on your approach aim to the middle or left again as the 12th bunker on this hole in guarding the right side of the green. The 9th is the 1 handicap for the course and requires pinpoint accuracy in order to have a chance at par. It is definitely the most challenging hole on the front 9 with water running the entire left side of the hole and completely surrounding the green aside from the front. One mishap will surely cause you to be taking a drop after landing in the water.

Although it plays as the number two handicap on the course, the 10th hole at Coyote Ridge is definitely the most challenging hole on the course in my opinion. This sharp dogleg right requires a long iron off the tee box as it is a blind shot to the green so you must lay up. There is a creek

that bisects the landing zone so aim left to avoid the creek as much as possible. The green is relatively small for the hole. It’s likely you will make bogey here if you make the slightest mistake.

After the beating you take on the 10th, Coyote Ridge gives you another difficult hole with this nearly 200 yard par 3. All shots carry to an elevated green on 11 so beware and be sure to be long, or else you will be looking for your ball in Coyote Creek. 

The 12th hole is a 365 yard par 4 that is relatively simple compared to the first 3 holes of the back 9. A dogleg left that features 13 bunkers overall, be sure to hit your shots and you will be fine. Aim to the back of the green to avoid any trouble with the bunkers. The 13th hole is one that you do not want to use your driver off the tee box depending on the wind and where you are aiming. For the best approach shot to the green you should aim for the left-center of the fairway. Go a club up when making your approach shot to the green.

Depending on the wind, your shot will be greatly affected on the 14th, a downhill par 3 that is surrounded by large bunkers. This hole plays 175 from the tee box but if you feel like playing it extremely conservative there is a bail out short of the green for you. The 15th is another bunker heavy hole that features 9 bunkers on the fairway before reaching the green but is also a great chance for birdie towards the end of the round. Steer away from the right side of the fairway with the bunkers, and you should be okay.

If you have it in you on the 16th, shoot your shot over the tree on this dogleg right to put yourself in great position for birdie. Beware, if you are unable to clear the tree you are not going to have much fun after your valiant attempt. The fairway is fairly large and slopes to the left.  Beware of the two bunkers guarding the front of the green and you should be in prime position for birdie. An iron off of the tee on 17 is recommended for success. The uneven fairways give you (hopefully not your ball) an up close look at the Trinity River. Making par on this hole should be doable and birdie is certainly within reach.

The 18th and final hole at Coyote Ridge Golf Club is a good hole to end with as it is a par 4 that plays about 310 yards from the blue tee box. A good tee shot is crucial with a difficult approach shot coming up. The green is well guarded but if you land the green you will make par.

Overall Coyote Ridge is a great layout to play, whether you are a scratch golfer or just looking for a fun round of golf in the metroplex. So make the trip up to Carrollton and play Coyote Ridge Golf Club, it will not disappoint.

Coyote Ridge Golf Club

1640 W Hebron Parkway

Carrollton, TX 75010

Phone: 972-395-0786

Year opened: 1999

Greens: Champion Bermuda

Desinged by: George B. Williams

General Manager: John Viscontti

Head Golf Professional: Justin Guel

Rates: $59 Weekday

$75 Weekend

$85 Weekend w/ Meal

$45 Weekday – Sr.,Jr., Ladies, PD, FD, and Military

Toughest Hole

No. 10 is a 590 yard par 5 that gives you a blind shot from the tee box. Hit your tee shot too far and it is in the creek, hit it short and you are potentially already looking at bogey. There is a landing area on the left side of the fairway from the tee box, hit it there or your second shot will be another blind shot on this difficult par 5.

Favorite Hole

The 7th hole is easily my favorite hole on the course. This elevated par 3 is a fun play with the water guarding the front of the green on the right. It is a very picturesque hole that gives you a really solid chance for birdie if you play your clubs correctly.

Most Intriguing Hole

The 9th hole at Coyote ridge is an extremely narrow par 4 that plays about 440 yards from the back. Although it appears to be a fairly simple shot, water surrounds the entire green and all along the left side of the fairway. Try not to overthink your swing when hitting your shot or you will find yourself in the water or in the trees on the right side. The 9th is challenging but still a fun hole to play before making the turn.