Elements of Style – Get a Better Beard

Having a beard in the fall and winter sounds like a great idea, right? It keeps your face warm and protects you from the cold air. But, don’t forget, your beard will be exposed to rain and humidity in the fall, then wind and snow in the winter, which can interfere with your comfort. There’s a process behind growing and maintaining a proper, well-groomed beard – plus a robust dose of dedication.

Boardroom Salon for Men’s teams of expert stylists and barbers are here to share a few essential grooming tips to help you put your best foot – or beard – forward.

Beard for a Cause

Numerous Boardroom clients and men everywhere participate in No Shave November/Movember – it’s a fun way to support a great cause and increase awareness for men’s health. Nonetheless, guys who don’t normally sport facial hair are taking the plunge and giving up shaving for the month, and still want to look great and feel confident.
Kick off November with a fresh shave then schedule a weekly beard trim to keep the shape uniform, and a shave or two throughout the month to clean up the neck and chin lines. Facial hair can add definition to a soft face or ruggedness to a more youthful one. For the professional man, a neat, well-maintained beard looks outstanding.

Get Grooming

It’s quite the decision to trim your beard when you have no plans to make drastic changes in length. One thing we’ve learned along the way is that trimming the stray beard hairs can make a huge difference in the way your beard looks as a whole. Regular upkeep will have your beard looking thicker and more maintained.
It can seem counter-intuitive to trim your beard or hair when you want to grow things out, but getting a good shape up will guide your current look into the style you ultimately want to achieve.
Start with a great foundation – just as you wash the hair on your head, you should wash the hair on your face. Start by cleansing with a good beard wash. Follow with a beard conditioner to combat frizz and keep your facial hair feeling soft.

Signature Style

Avoid the lumberjack look by keeping your beard neat and tidy. Shave your neck to just under the jaw line, shaving the top of the beard along the cheek for sharp, defined lines and using clippers, trimmers or scissors to maintain a uniform length throughout the body of the beard. Finish with a beard oil to combat frizz and keep your facial hair feeling soft.
Keep a mustache comb and scissors handy. In between beard trims with your barber, maintain your mustache with grooming at home. Comb your mustache and keep it clean around the lip area with regular trims. Use a mustache wax to keep stray hairs in line. Put a little on your fingers and sculpt your ‘stache (it’s also easier if you keep it warm in your pants pocket). Try different styles. Keep it simple; position the hair downwards. If you’ve grown out your mustache, twist the ends and twirl upward for a classic, dapper look.

Picking Products

Men sporting beards are looking for high-quality effective products. Products that give the results they desire and make them look great and feel confident; products that are easy to use but provide lasting results. Boardroom highly recommends Beardbrand for all facial hair products and carries a variety of their products at all salons. It’s a tough call, but if we had to choose just one product you need, we’d pick Beard Oil. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and available in six scents. It conditions to help combat frizz, hydrates to keep your facial hair feeling soft, tames wiry hairs and helps create a uniform shape throughout the beard – bonus points: get one that smells amazing. The beard is a portal into self-improvement. Use it as a way to invest in yourself. The attention you give to your facial hair can parlay into your hair, skin and style as well.

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