Fitness – Advance Your Game

Fitness – Advance Your Game

Are you someone who is looking to advance your golf game? Maybe you’re already doing a gym routine or golf-specific exercise program, but are they the same exercises on repeat? There are so many great golf exercises out there, but dynamically challenging your body is where you will continue to level up your game. Although simple exercises are great and can demonstrate significant improvement on the front end of golf fitness training, mastering these exercises without evolving your program is still going to leave you stagnant in your progress. 

The advanced exercises below are here to challenge your golf fitness and create a dynamically stable base to see objective improvements on the course.

Airplane 3×10

Begin with both your feet shoulder width apart and parallel with arms outstretched using a resistance band. Lean forward using a hip hinge, shifting your weight onto one leg while your opposite leg extends straight behind you. Holding this position, transition into a rotation of your torso and hips toward the side of your extended leg. Return to starting position by bringing your torso back to neutral and your extended leg to the floor. Perform for reps on both legs.

Runners with Cable 3×12

Begin exercise holding a cable or resistance band with arms extended toward the cable machine. Feet should be in a staggered stance, with the leg closest to the cable machine forward and both knees slightly bent. Proceed by simultaneously bringing your arms to the center of your chest, while your extended leg lifts into a single leg march. Complete 12 repetitions; turn and face the opposite direction, and repeat. 

Rear Elevated Lunge with Rotation 3×12

Begin by placing a resistance band around your mid back and extending your arms in front of you. Place one foot on an elevated platform behind you and get into a lunge position. Rotate left and right with mid back while maintaining a stable position of hips and feet. Complete six repetitions, switch feet and repeat. 

Golf Swing Rotation on BOSU 3×12

Begin by safely achieving a standing position on a BOSU or alternative balance board. Once you have created a stable base, get into your golf stance. With a mobility stick or golf club as a guide, rotate as far as you can left and right. Focus on the movement of your upper back, allowing your lower body to remain still on the BOSU ball. 

Dr. Aubrey Starnes and Dr. Amanda Kayser are Doctors of Physical Therapy and Titleist Performance Institute certified practitioners. Both work with clients privately and at The Nelson Golf & Sports Club. Kayser Physical Therapy & Fitness can be contacted at