Fitness – Use the Force

Fitness – Use the Force

Power is a hot topic across all sports. How can we gain more power to become a better athlete? Unlike most sports, golf is unique, as the ball we are contacting is static prior to contact. Although this may seem like an advantage, this causes power generation to be solely produced by the athlete. 

So, let’s break it down. Power = Force X Velocity

Force is a push or pull on an object resulting from one object contacting another. In the case of golf, this would be contact between the golf clubhead and the golf ball. To increase the force, we must increase the acceleration leading up to contact.  

Velocity is the speed of something in a given direction, i.e. the speed at which golf clubhead is travelling during contact.

One of the great things about golf is that many high-level golfers can be successful with different types of swings, ranges in their swing and amount of force. The resulting power comes from that person’s ability to create a high level of force, velocity or, in some cases, both. 

Each individual person should train to improve these areas based on their strengths and weaknesses. Most gym exercises are completed at consistent speeds. Simply adding exercises into your routine that have a focus on force and velocity simultaneously is key. 

Below are a few of our favorite exercises to increase power in your golf swing.

Kettlebell Swing on a Tilt Board 2×30 swings

Stand on a tilt board in your golf stance; hold a kettlebell and tighten core. Begin swinging kettlebell laterally, allowing your lower body weight shift to follow the swing and location of the kettlebell.

Med Ball Toss with Rotation 2×8 each side

Best to complete with second person or near a wall. Hold a medicine ball or slam ball. Stand in golf stance position. Rotate away. Once you have hit the end of your range, quickly rotate into downswing position, releasing the ball when facing your target. Be sure to rotate trailing leg/foot as pictured. IMPORTANT: Complete on both dominant AND non-dominant sides.

Med Ball Slam 2×8 

Begin in golf stance, holding med ball or slam ball. Quickly release up, straightening your hips and knees, ending up with heels off of the ground. Once you have reached the top, quickly change directions, flexing down and releasing the ball, returning to a position with hips and knees flexed and feet flat on the ground.

Med Ball Granny Toss 2×8 

Starting with med ball or slam ball on ground, grab ball and quickly move from flexed position to standing position, releasing ball at top of your range. Allow ball to drop on floor.