Fitness – What is Anti Rotation?

Fitness – What is Anti Rotation?

Most golfers are familiar with the kinematic chain; we know the downswing starts with the pelvis then translates to the trunk and moves from there to the shoulders and hands that produce the power needed for a swing, but the pelvis must be able to RESIST the rotation of the trunk as it begins to take over the translation of energy. This is where ‘Anti Rotation’ exercises come into play. 

Pallof Press is an excellent exercise that challenges the core in various ways most notable being ‘Anti Rotation’, this is crucial to the deceleration phase of a traditional golf swing. It is ideal for any player because it doesn’t require a lot of coordination, or mobility, to perform the exercise. That means you can get the results you are looking for, with minimal risk of injury.

How to Pallof Press

Attach a resistance band to a stable pole, step laterally away until you feel the band begin to pull you back. Square your shoulders forward in an athletic stance (Knees bent, feet shoulder width apart). Extend your arms forward locking them out and bring the bend to the Sternum (mid chest) slowly, repeat this movement 10-12 times before turning to face the other direction. 

Warren Williamson has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Biomechanics and is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Warren works with clients at the Sports Club of Las Colinas in Las Colinas. You can contact Warren at