Instruction – Importance of Your Equipment

Instruction – Importance of Your Equipment

Fine-tuning your equipment could be the key to shaving strokes off your game.

By Anthony Broussard

How important are the tools a mechanic uses to get the job done? A mechanic that has the proper tools can be more efficient with time and the quality of their work. The same is true for the best golfers in the world. There is a reason the equipment companies travel to all of the tour events because they know how important it is to have the correct equipment.

One of the biggest mistakes I see with the general public is when the equipment companies release a new driver and people buy it without being properly fit. Without even knowing what loft or shaft they need, they travel down to the nearest golf equipment store and swipe their credit card. People that do this usually end up looking for another driver because the one they buy isn’t correct for their swing.

Getting fit for the proper equipment is probably the most important thing in golf. Within the first few months of opening Pure Swing Golf, we have seen some of our students gain 30 to 40 yards in carry or total distance after being fit for equipment that is right for them.

Broussard Swing

To demonstrate the importance of being properly fit for equipment, I hit a few shots with two different 7 iron heads and two different shafts. I hit a few shots with my Ping Iblade 7 iron with an X-100 shaft, 1 degree flat and recorded the averages. We compared those numbers to the new Ping i500 irons KBS tour stiff shaft, standard lie. The results were dramatic.

With the Iblade, my spin was higher and my ball speed was slower resulting in an average carry distance of around 180 yards. The i500 had lower spin with higher ball speed, increasing my carry distance of 20 yards. With no change in technique or club speed, a simple change in equipment got me 20 extra yards with a 7 iron. The i500 7iron would not be good for me to play in competition because the spin is too low. I want my 7 iron to stop as quickly as possible so I can have more controlSwing Data 1

Swing Data 2

My clubs are set at one degree flat which results in a more consistent and direct strike with the golf ball. Our technology allows us to see exactly where the golf ball is coming off of the club head, whether it be in the toe or on the heel. This is important for any golfer out there. If you are continuing to strike the golf ball in the heel or the toe, then you could take advantage of having more upright or flat lies in your irons.

If you want to have a chance in playing to the best of your abilities, getting fit for equipment that is custom to your golf swing is a big piece of the puzzle.

Anthony Broussard is the founder of Pure Swing Golf, an indoor golf training facility, in Dallas, Texas. Anthony played collegiate golf at The University of North Texas and has over eight years of high level professional playing experience, including playing in the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, winning the 2014 Texas State Open, and winning three other professional tournaments. Follow Anthony on Instagram @psgdallas and visit his website to learn more.