Instruction – Putting Playbook 101

Instruction – Putting Playbook 101

Eye Line

The position of your eyes relative to the ball (target line) is more important than you might think. It influences both alignment and path. Your eyes can be positioned directly over the ball or on the inside of the ball. The great thing is, it’s actually very easy for you to test yourself!

How to Check

Take your set up to the ball while holding a second ball in your lead hand

Keeping your body still, raise the ball to your lead eye (target side eye, not dominant eye)

Drop the ball and see where it lands

If your ball lands too much on one side or the other, make the necessary adjustments and try again. 

Things to look for

Distance from the ball

Amount of bend from waist

Wrist Elimination

Consistent lag putting and speed control becomes difficult when the wrists become too active in your putting stroke. Excessive wrist action can cause a rapid acceleration and deceleration of the putter head. Some players are too wristy throughout the entire stroke, some just the backswing but most that are wristy allow the lead wrist to break through impact.

Drill: Don’t Drop the Egg!

Set up to the ball with just your lead hand

Lightly wedge a second ball in between the inside of your forearm and grip (you might need to grip down the putter slightly)

Swing back and through without dropping the “egg”

If you break your lead wrist, the egg will drop during the downswing/follow through. Then, try it with your trail hand. Eliminate that excessive wrist action and you’ll be on your way to eliminating three-putts!

Mike Bury is the Director of Instruction at Mike Bury Golf and has been named to Golf Digest’s “Best Young Teachers in America” list for the last four years. To find out more, log on to